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Female Musicians

5 Australian Female Singer Songwriters: Eloquent Tales & Heart-Warming
Australia has a proud history of producing some of the greatest songwriters ever. From ACDC´s fist thumping rock and roll to the stories and poetic lyrics... show more
5 Swedish Female Pop Singers: Scandinavian Stunners
Spawning some of the most well-loved artists on the planet, Sweden secured its place on the musical map during the seventies. From the country that brought... show more
4 Norwegian Female Metal Vocalists: Norse Goddesses
Norway has long been providing us metal fans with some fantastic bands, and some incredible vocalists. Today we’re celebrating the often operatic but always kick-ass style... show more
5 London Female Post-Punk Bands: Grrrrrl Power Is Back
As the years go by and the world gradually forgets about the existence and musical “legacy” of the Spice Girls, London is stirring once again with... show more
5 Netherlands Female Metal Vocalists: Dutch Delights
Ferocious vocals and a commanding stage presence, female metal vocalists from any country are a force to be reckoned with. In my list of Netherlands Female... show more
5 US Female Metal Bands: Women with a Cause
When metal, or heavy metal as it also known as, emerged onto the music scene in the 60s and 70s there were women who were secretly... show more
5 L.A. Female Indie Bands: Rough and Ready
Polished and pristine, two words you may already associate with LA and its fake world of film and slick mastered pop sounds that burn on the... show more
4 German Girl Bands: Achtung Babies!
The girl band is a global phenomenon, spreading upbeat dance tracks, smoochy ballads and the occasional dance routine to all four corners of the world. And... show more
5 Canadian Female R&B Singers: Soul from the Northwest
When you think “I wonder what’s new in R&B”, do you normally think of Canadian artists? If you are Canadian, then perhaps you do. However, I... show more
5 American Female R&B Singers: Rhythm for the Soul
Rhythm and blues on the American front has many representatives. This article will only skim the surface to showcase 5 American female R&B singers. We will... show more
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