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5 Bands like Soundgarden: Tigers in a Rusty Cage
Come, gather round, grunge maniacs and alternative rock souls: we have a sure-shot way to some cool, late-night eargasms with this selection of 5 bands like... show more
5 Bands like Audioslave: Faltering Rockstars
If you are taken by the idea of implausible band line ups and tracks that come frustratingly close to greatness – without actually crossing the line,... show more
5 Artists like Grimes: Surreal Synth-Pop
Where do you start with Grimes? The Canadian producer and singer-songwriter seems to defy all definition. Just when you think that you've got the experimental musician... show more
5 Artists like David Bowie: Chameleonic Rockers
David Bowie’s constant metamorphosis as a performer proved an inspiration to musicians the world over. If you’re looking for other artists like David Bowie, you’ll love... show more
5 Bands like Future Islands: Powerfully Passionate Synthpop
Future Islands are a synthpop outfit which you just can't help but dance to. Just ask the band's lead singer. The truth is that Future Islands... show more
5 Bands like Metronomy: Silky Smooth Electro-Pop
No-one quite does twee electro quite like Metronomy do. Well, a few bands come close to making the same luxuriously smooth electro-pop, otherwise there wouldn't be... show more
5 Artists like Beck: Shape-Shifting Master of Sound
Beck is one of the great self re-inventors in modern music. Since the early 1990s, this multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles has gone from being a lo-fi... show more
5 Bands like The Drums: The Golden Boys of Indie-Pop
The Drums were the the golden kids of American guitar music during the indie revival of the late noughties. With their coy approach to fame and... show more
5 Bands like Foreigner: Raw & Rogue Rockers
The credit for popularizing stadium rock should go as much to Foreigner as to any other band. For our readers who can’t get enough of their... show more
5 Bands like Megadeth: A Quest for Thrash
Thrash metal is, erm, about absolutely thrashing it. If that’s what gets you going, then good on you, because this definitive compilation of 5 bands like... show more
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