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Recommended World Cinema Movies

Good Japanese Movies (1970-75): Wild Ride
Japanese culture can seem a strange proposition to many in the western world. A vastly different sense of humour, aesthetic principals, moral codes and tastes, all... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1965-70): Surreal Thrillers
The Japanese film industry was a hotbed of by-the-numbers gangster flicks and detective movies in the 1960s. But out of this cookie-cutter environment emerged a sprinkling... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1960-65): Dangerous Desires
From evil super-villains motivated by love to a romantic rivalry between murderesses, Japanese cinema in the early sixties was packed with frustrated lovers in peculiar circumstances.... show more
Good French Movies (2010-15): The New French Weird
From the nation that brought you Alfred Jarry, Surrealism, and Jean Paul Gaultier, here come five modern anti-classics to bring us up to date with the... show more
Good French Movies (2005-10): L’extrême
Critics were quick to identify an invigorating run of extreme, transgressive movies in the early noughties as a trend, noting recurring tendencies in the violence, blood... show more
Good French Movies (2000-05): Strange Love
For the uninitiated, French cinema conjures images of Parisian trysts, romantic strolls and just maybe the odd bit of tasteful adultery. But Gallic filmmakers have evolved... show more
Good French Movies (1995-00): Cruel World
The key French filmmakers of the late nineties issued furious cries against the cruelty of the human condition in a sequence of films that tortured their... show more
Good French Movies (1990-95): The Art of Cinema
The most recent quarter-century of French filmmaking was ushered in with a host of well-crafted art flicks that capitalized on the nation’s great acting tradition to... show more
Good French Movies (1985-90): Les Femmes Et Les Hommes
A strong strand of feminism began to emerge in French cinema, encouraged by the earlier work of artistic and political visionaries such as Agnès Varda and... show more
Good French Movies (1980-85): Hey Good Looking
The 1980s! Big hair, shoulder pads, bad geometric wallpaper and all that. While much of the creative world was indulging in a style explosion that favoured... show more
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