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Recommended Japanese Movies

Good Japanese Movies (1975-80): Deep Impulses
Bizarre images, primal desires and violent contradictions peppered Japanese movies of the late 70s. The era’s confident auteurs set out to make epic masterpieces while others... show more
Good Japanese Movies (2010-15): Hard Times
Recent years have seen an escalation of extreme cinema in Japanese culture, pitting heroes and heroines against ever-tougher circumstances and torturing them with increasingly bizarre levels... show more
Good Japanese Movies (2005-10): Into the Metaverse
Japanese cinema is known for its bold and familiar genres – yakuza movies, anime, pink films and minimalist horror to name a few – but alongside... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1990-95): Mind Games
Psychological tricks and psychiatric weirdness take the foreground in these five special movies from the early nineties. Whether they approach the brain as a computer that... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1985-90): Violence!
The late ‘80s was a fearsome time to be a character in a Japanese movie! Whether they wound up the unintended victim of a stray yakuza... show more
Good Japanese Movies (2000-05): The Modern Weird
Japanese cinema has long been noted for its unusual tendencies and eccentric auteurs, and the early noughties were no exception. Filled with body-horror slashers, punk cats,... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1995-00): Epic Struggles
Here are five tough movies that drag their protagonists through the grinder in search of a resolution. Whether it’s loot, survival, redemption or catharsis that they... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1980-85): Inspired By…
Twenty years into its renaissance, Japanese cinema retained the energy of its new wave forefathers and had the craft skills to match. With yakuza flicks and... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1970-75): Wild Ride
Japanese culture can seem a strange proposition to many in the western world. A vastly different sense of humour, aesthetic principals, moral codes and tastes, all... show more
Good Japanese Movies (1965-70): Surreal Thrillers
The Japanese film industry was a hotbed of by-the-numbers gangster flicks and detective movies in the 1960s. But out of this cookie-cutter environment emerged a sprinkling... show more
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