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Recommended Theatre Adaptation Movies

Good Theatre Adaptation Movies (2000-05): Behind the Mask
Once the new millennium arrived, for whatever reason, Hollywood appeared to turn to the theatre for yet even more of its subjects to film. You... show more
Good Theatre Adaptation Movies (1995-00): Clothes Maketh The Man
There’s a fundamental difference between the taste of the average theatregoer and the average moviegoer, and it’s one you might never have considered. There’ll always... show more
Good Theatre Adaptation Movies (1990-95): Learning Lines
When it comes to the word ensemble, in the movie world the definition is somewhat different than in the theatre. In fact, in the language... show more
Good Theatre Adaptation Movies (1985-90): The Play’s the Thing
In an original work, there’s no way of knowing what elements were changed during the production of the movie unless you worked on the film or... show more
Good Theatre Adaptation Movies (1980-85): Treading the Boards
The 1936 Universal Studios film adaptation of the ground breaking musical 'Show Boat' was among the first adaptations of theatre to film and it was a... show more
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