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Recommended Vampire Movies

Good Fascinating Vampire Movies (2000-05): New Millennium, New Twist
The turn of the millennium brought some weirdly re-considered vampire fare to cinemas. Classics were reimagined, standard fantasy was rethought to pull in the vampire tradition,... show more
Good Vampire Movies (2010-15): Triumph over Team Edward
The Twilight series did no service to vampires. Suddenly this exotic, seductive menace was relegated to vegetarianism and sparkling skin, mooning about angsty teens and bickering... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1975-80): Disco, Debauchery & Death
There are so many vampire movies from the Seventies. The problem is that nearly all of them are terrible. Terrible! The bloody genre grew anemic toward... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1995-00): Going for the Throat
The popularity of the vampire waned dramatically in the Nineties – the elegant, hyper-dramatic, mildly feminine villain just didn’t seem to fit in to the grunge... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1990-95): Doc Martens and Dracula
Thanks to the 80s, horror had kind of worn out its welcome by 1990. An over-reliance on slashers, sequels and the almost nonexistence of unique vision... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1970 – 75): Subversion & Exploitation
The swinging Seventies brought maverick filmmaking to the screen in every genre, pushing envelopes in terms of racial and sexual politics. The vampire fable – growing... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1965-70): Creepy Camp & Evil Vamps
Vampire films of the 1960s were more risqué, grisly and shocking than their predecessors, most notable in films like ‘Count Yorga, Vampire’, ‘Scream and Scream Again’... show more
Good Vampire Movies (2005-10): Love & Bloodletting
Vampire films at the end of the decade took on an international flavor, with far superior films from Sweden, Korea and Australia reshaping the lore. Some... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1960-65): Bloody Good Flicks
60s Vampire films saw a move towards more graphic content and variation of tropes in films like ‘Planet of The Vampires’, ‘The Curse of The Crying... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1985–90): The Romance of Violation
There had always been something sexual about vampirism, an idea used frequently in earlier decades to evoke a forbidden, homosexual desire. Directors like Joel Schumacher made... show more
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