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Recommended Horror Movies

Good Creature Features (2000-05): Movies that Bite
The beginning of the new millennium saw Hollywood revisit some old creature feature favorites, with reboots of ‘Willard’ in 2003 and ‘Predator’ in 2004. But the... show more
Good Creature Features (1980-85): Decade of Excess
Disco died, punk exploded and then disappeared – the early ‘80s saw, among other things, a sea-change in popular culture. Things became flashier, shoulder pad-ier, and... show more
Good Creature Features (1975-80): From the Depths to Your Screen
Creature features would become wildly popular again – more than they had been in decades – in the last half of the 1970s. Not since Godzilla... show more
Good Creature Features (1985-90): Weird Science
Creature features flourished at the end of the Eighties, especially in low-budget horror. Sam Raimi returned with a bloodier, funnier ‘Evil Dead 2’ and Peter Jackson... show more
Good Creature Features (2010-15): Scary Monsters, Super Freaks
For the most part, this segment in history saw some retreads – either outright reimaginings of existing material, or a new spin on some old monster... show more
Good Creature Features (2005-10): Weird Science
A lot of creature features made their way to cinemas in the last half of the decade. From indie animal attacks like ‘Rogue,’ ‘Black Water’ and... show more
Good Zombie Movies (2000-05): Undead Diversified
The Nineties saw a decline in zombie flicks – most people had grown tired of the rambling, decaying horde. A generation of gamers wanted a faster,... show more
Good Zombie Movies (2005-10): The Infection Goes Global
Big budget, indie, foreign and domestic – zombies proved popular fodder in almost every area of film. So popular, in fact, that one of the most... show more
Good Zombie Movies (1980-85): The Resurrection
George A. Romero reinvented the zombie movie in 1968. Before then, zombies were the result of voodoo, confined to an island nightmare, serving the madman who... show more
Good Fascinating Vampire Movies (2000-05): New Millennium, New Twist
The turn of the millennium brought some weirdly re-considered vampire fare to cinemas. Classics were reimagined, standard fantasy was rethought to pull in the vampire tradition,... show more
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