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Recommended Documentary Movies

Good Documentaries (2010-15): Eccentric Celebrities
The 2010’s were a boom for documentary filmmakers, with services like YouTube and Netflix giving a market to more left-of-center material. This led to more niche... show more
Good Documentaries (2005-10): All the World’s A Stage
The mid-00’s was a booming time for documentary filmmakers, with films like ‘Man on Wire’, ‘Best Worst Movie’ and ‘The Aristocrats’ focusing on our need for... show more
Good Documentaries Movies (1995-00): Reel Life Comedy and Tragedy
The documentaries of the mid to late 1990s offered some deep, revealing glimpses into quirky individuals, deadly events and corporate greed in films like ‘Trekkies,’ ‘One... show more
Good Documentay Movies (1990-95): Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
The 90s saw the documentary morph from is dry, sober origins into a more riveting and humorous form of filmmaking, thanks to engrossing, inventive films like... show more
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