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5 Movies like Bachelorette: Girl Power
Watch out guys, women are out in force and they mean business! Movies like 'Bachelorette', 'Bridesmaids' and 'Clueless' feature an all-star female ensemble cast that give... show more
Good Zombie Movies, 2000 – 05: Undead Diversified
The Nineties saw a decline in zombie flicks – most people had grown tired of the rambling, decaying horde. A generation of gamers wanted a faster,... show more
Good Documentaries (2005-10): All the World’s A Stage
The mid-00’s was a booming time for documentary filmmakers, with films like ‘Man on Wire’, ‘Best Worst Movie’ and ‘The Aristocrats’ focusing on our need for... show more
Good Fantasy Films 2005-10: Cell, Book and Grendel
Although box office figures heading into the decade’s midway point were discouraging at best (Exhibitor Relations calculated a 5.2% decline in moviegoer spending from 2004), the... show more
Good Zombie Movies (2005 – 10): The Infection Goes Global
Big budget, indie, foreign and domestic – zombies proved popular fodder in almost every area of film. So popular, in fact, that one of the most... show more
Good Zombie movies 1980 – 85: The Resurrection
George A. Romero reinvented the zombie movie in 1968. Before then, zombies were the result of voodoo, confined to an island nightmare, serving the madman who... show more
5 Movies like A Good Year: Inspiring Travel Stories
Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott ditch their usual macho-style of films ('Gladiator') and take the surprising leap into sweet romantic comedy for 'A Good Year'.... show more
5 Movies like River of Grass: On the Lam
Re-released twelve years after its debut, 'River of Grass' is an independent on-the-road crime movie, which served as the debut for filmmaker Kelly Reichardt.... show more
5 Movies like The Diary of a Teenage Girl: Female Driven Stories
There's no shortage of coming-of-age tales centred around the life and troubles of a young male teen, but what about women?... show more
5 Movies like Hidden: Terror and Isolation
Picture it, it's the end of the world and you're stuck in a small confined enviorment. This is the scenario the characters in these movies like... show more
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