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5 Movies like Jamesy Boy: A Shot at Redemption
'Jamesy Boy' is the prison drama based on the true story of James Burns, who turned his troubled life around thanks to the help of a... show more
5 Movies like Mistress America: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Movies like ‘Mistress America’ highlight the increasing growth of strong female led comedies that have been released in recent years.... show more
5 Movies like College: Student Hijinks
Forget studying! College is a time for partying and having fun. At least, that’s what these movies like ‘College’ would like you to think.... show more
Good Creature Features (2010-15): Scary Monsters, Super Freaks
For the most part, this segment in history saw some retreads – either outright reimaginings of existing material, or a new spin on some old monster... show more
Good Creature Features (2005-10): Weird Science
A lot of creature features made their way to cinemas in the last half of the decade. From indie animal attacks like ‘Rogue,’ ‘Black Water’ and... show more
Good Documentaries (2010-15): Eccentric Celebrities
The 2010’s were a boom for documentary filmmakers, with services like YouTube and Netflix giving a market to more left-of-center material. This led to more niche... show more
5 Movies like Syrup: Work Based Movies
Who'd have thought the work place would make for a great setting for a film? Movies like 'Syrup' prove that the work environment is the perfect... show more
5 Movies like A Bride for Christmas: A Jolly Holly Romance
Christmas is my favourite time of the year. From opening presents to eating until my belly hurts, it really is the season to be jolly! But... show more
5 Movies like Tales from the Crypt: Cult Horror Flicks
Over the decades there has been a flurry of great cult horror movies like 'Tales from the Crypt' that have risen from obscurity to become firm... show more
5 Movies like Bachelorette: Girl Power
Watch out guys, women are out in force and they mean business! Movies like 'Bachelorette', 'Bridesmaids' and 'Clueless' feature an all-star female ensemble cast that give... show more
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