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Good Creature Features (1975-80): From the Depths to Your Screen
Creature features would become wildly popular again – more than they had been in decades – in the last half of the 1970s. Not since Godzilla... show more
Good Creature Features (1985-90): Weird Science
Creature features flourished at the end of the Eighties, especially in low-budget horror. Sam Raimi returned with a bloodier, funnier ‘Evil Dead 2’ and Peter Jackson... show more
5 Movies like Outcast: Swords, Myths & Legends
The fantasy genre just got a whole lot better with the introduction of Nicolas Cage as a sword wielding crusader for 'Outcast'.... show more
5 Movies like Band of Outsiders: French New Wave
'French New Wave' is a term coined to describe a group of directors who lit up French cinema in the late 50s with their daring... show more
5 Movies like Lolo: Romantic Conflict
'Lolo' is the French comedy directed, written and starring Julie Delpy that sees her new relationship come underfire from her teen who refuses to... show more
5 Movies like Timer: Surreal Love Stories
They say romance comes in all shapes and sizes, and in the case of these movies like 'Timer', they also come in the form of voice... show more
5 Movies like Curve: Nowhere to Run
In recent years, there has been a rise in movies like 'Curve' that see actors thrown inside an enclosed space for several days. Each film coming... show more
5 Movies like Eddie and the Cruisers: Rock N’ Roll All Night
Strap on your knee high leather boots, brush up your hair and bring out your air guitars, because movies like 'Eddie and the Cruisers' bring Rock... show more
5 Movies like Jamesy Boy: A Shot at Redemption
'Jamesy Boy' is the prison drama based on the true story of James Burns, who turned his troubled life around thanks to the help of a... show more
5 Movies like Mistress America: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Movies like ‘Mistress America’ highlight the increasing growth of strong female led comedies that have been released in recent years.... show more
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