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Movies Like Disconnect: A Story within a Story
There are many layers to these movies like 'Disconnect' which follow the lives of several characters.  Their entwining stories are told over the course of one... show more
Movies Like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Fiction in Reality
Movies like ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ have come under critism for using real life tragedies as the settings for their fictional tales. Though they often... show more
Movies Like Eye of the Needle: War and Espionage
Since the early 20th century there has been a huge boom in spy movies set in and around war. Using such an important time in our... show more
Movies Like Final Girl: Survival of the Feminist
‘Final Girl’ is a term coined in the early 90s to describe strong female characters, predominately in horror movies. One of the best examples being the... show more
Movies Like Fermat’s Room: Riddle Me This
Are you sick of mindless blockbusters? If so, you’re in luck because movies like ‘Fermat’s Room’ will leave you guessing until the very end. For more... show more
Movies Like The Atticus Institute: Demons, Spirits & Possessions
Whether you believe in the subject or not, there is something truly haunting about the idea of possession and the afterlife. Movies like ‘The Atticus Institute’,... show more
Movies Like Black Christmas: A Horror for all Seasons
Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s or a nice hot summer day, movies like ‘Black Christmas’ prove that when it comes to horror no season is safe!... show more
Movies Like I am Slave: The Inhumane Side of History
Films are known for tackling tough subjects over the years that are made to move and evoke emotions from us. Movies like 'I am Slave' tackle... show more
9 Offbeat Halloween Recommendations For People Who Hate Horror Movies
It doesn’t have to be all blood, guts and gore.We put aside the horror movies and instead found the best movies​ and TV shows for Halloween... show more
5 Movies like Midnight FM: Do As I Say
There’s nothing like a good game to cheer us up, that is unless you’re a character in these movies like ‘Midnight FM’ who have to follow... show more
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