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Non Violent

The Greatest Non-Violent Xbox Games: Peaceful Playing
Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows but that doesn’t mean your gaming can’t be. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to gun down hordes of people/zombies/aliens... show more
The Best Non-Violent Xbox One Games: Have Fun Not Fights!
You don’t need violence to have a good time whether it’s with movies, books or video games. Games are getting bigger and better and in some... show more
Great Non-Violent Xbox One Simulation Games: Adoraddictive
Console simulation games have always been a bit sparse on the ground and they’ve often been… lacking in comparison to their PC counterparts. The X1 is... show more
Best Non-Violent Xbox One Puzzle Games
We all need a good puzzle once in a while and there needn’t be any violence with these picks. For casual games try ‘Sparkle Unleashed’, ‘Threes’... show more
Great Non-Violent Xbox One Action Games: Actions Over Words
Here at itcher we know that non-violent doesn’t have to mean boring. We’ve got games for you and your kids packed with action, not bloodshed. You’ll... show more
The Best Non-Violent Xbox One Kinect Games – Perfect Pacifist Picks
Get ready to burn some serious calories as we look at non-violent X1 Kinect games that still pack a serious punch in the fun stakes. My... show more
Non Violent Kinect Games – Get Some Exercise Without Hurting a Fly
Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or trying to burn off some of your child’s boundless energy these non violent Kinect games will definitely fit... show more
The Top Non-Violent Xbox Live Games – Big Fun with a Small Price Tag
I am an arcade addict. Having played 120 XBLA titles to date, spanning all genres, there are few people better gemmed up on downloadable offerings than... show more
Non Violent RPG Xbox: 360 Has You Covered!
Now let’s be honest, you are trying to save a world here – there’s always going to be some combat You’ve got to love RPGs. One... show more
The Ultimate Xbox 360 & Xbox One Non-Violent Simulation Games Revealed
Simulation games are brilliant. Even RPGs pale in comparison when it comes to games that you literally can’t stop playing. Compelling and addictive, they are the... show more
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