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7 Great Games Turning 10
Ready to feel old? These classic games are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year – and here at Itcher, we’re willing to bet it really does... show more
5 Great Games Turning 15 in 2018
The future of gaming looks incredibly exciting, but it’s important to remember the past as well. Itches looks at game anniversaries of beloved classics – this... show more
5 Great Horror Games for Halloween 2018
Halloween will soon be upon us – what better time to scare yourself silly by playing some great horror games? If you’re looking for recommendations, Itcher... show more
All Diablo Games: A Lifetime of Loot
‘Diablo’ was, and is, the ARPG. The games have always been highly regarded, and boast an absolutely staggering fanbase. If you’ve always wanted to know more... show more
All Devil May Cry Games: Hack & Slash
‘Devil May Cry’ was a wildly innovative title, and can be pointed to as the inspiration for some of the biggest games of the last few... show more
All Call of Duty Games: Shots Fired
Though I like to pick on the franchise at times, ‘Call of Duty’ does sport some pretty great games. If you’ve always been curious as to... show more
All Battlefront Games: Laser Powered Conflict
‘Battlefront’ was one of the defining games of the PS2 era. But if you’ve always been curious as to which game in the franchise is the... show more
All Arkham Games: Caped Crusades
The ‘Arkham’ series may just be the best comic book game franchise of all time. Not that that’s really saying all that much. Anyway, if you’ve... show more
All Metroid Games: Suit Up
Do you love the ‘Metroid’ series? If so, why don’t you come along with me as I list some of the best games from the franchise?... show more
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