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Female Authors

4 Female African American Literature Authors: Struggle Stories
The huge number of books written about the struggle of black people in America just goes to show how painful the history is, how deep the... show more
5 British Female Supernatural Authors: Haunting the Senses
The vampire fiction which sells like hot cakes today has it's roots in the Gothic novels pioneered by British women in the 18th century. The tradition... show more
5 British Female Romance Authors: Love in a Changeable Climate
The myth that the British are strangers to romance persists in spite of the UK having produced some of the most famous romantic literature of all... show more
5 Female Travel Writers Who Went to the Middle East: Braving Hostile Environments
The Middle East is famously a hard terrain to navigate for women. From women who masqueraded as honeymooners, to those who became part of the furniture... show more
5 British Female Indie Authors: Drama Wrapped In Mystery
No publisher? No problem. Readers know that books aren't all about bucks. In a business which demands cookie-cutter stories and safe options, British female Indie... show more
4 Chinese Female Memoir Authors: Exposing the Truth
There have been many memoirs published by Chinese authors, most of which focus on life under Chairman Mao’s government. The 4 Chinese Female Memoir Authors who... show more
6 Female Travel Authors That Went to North America: Inspiring!
Travel Writers are not just contributors to guide books who preach at you what you should or should not be doing during your vacation; they are... show more
4 British Female Nature Writing Authors: Green Places, Open Spaces
Nature writing is making a comeback. In our increasingly in-door and on-screen lives the 4 British female nature-writing authors on my list - Helen Macdonald, Sara... show more
7 Female Booker Prize Winning Authors: English Language Fiction at its Best
The Booker Prize is awarded to the very best English Language novel every year. It is one of English Literature’s greatest honours and you can guarantee... show more
7 Female Nobel Prize Winning Authors: The Best of the Best of the Best of the Best
Each year, the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to an author who has done more than just write a book. They are authors who have experimented,... show more
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