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5 Books like The Dresden Files: Mystery and Magic Combine
Whether you love the ‘Dresden Files’ because of the down-on-his-luck Harry Dresden or the noir style paranormal mystery, I have some fabulous books like the ‘Dresden... show more
5 Books like Angels and Demons: Murder, Conspiracy & Clues
If you like creepy mysteries with secrets and twists around every corner, then I have some great titles for you. As we all know, the first... show more
5 Books like The Red Tent: A Woman’s Touch
Take one of the best-known books on Earth, pick a character who has only a walk-on role, and develop her story until you have an epic... show more
5 Books like The Historian: Questing with Demons
A sense of mystery pervades ‘The Historian’, coupled with stories within stories, which makes this quite an involved read. It also draws heavily on other myths... show more
5 Books like The Last Lecture: Motivating Your Inner Self
Time is always right to read some truly inspirational books like ‘The Last Lecture’, to keep yourself motivated for what life unfolds before you. This list,... show more
5 Books like The Lost Symbol: Disinterred Secrets
Books like ‘The Lost Symbol’, while not always literary masterpieces, have that uncanny ability to keep you rooted to your place with a cup of tea... show more
5 Books like 2 States: Impossibly Tangled Marriages
These books like ‘2 States’ will be a great follow-up to your recently found love for novels that revolve around love, marriage and a million things... show more
5 Books like Orphan Train: Hoping, Dreaming, Living
If you love to keep yourself up-to-date with the best of contemporary literary works, there’s a good chance that reading this masterpiece from Christina Baker Kline... show more
5 Books like The Godfather: An Honourable Syndicate
If you have just waded your way through the Italo-American world of honourable criminals and you are already feeling that sense of loss, books like ‘The... show more
5 Books like Wonder: What Shines Within
R J Palacio’s 2012 novel is aimed at the 'tween' age group but should be recommended reading for anyone who wants to see beneath the skin... show more
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