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10 Authors from Montana: Big Sky Country Has a Lot to Say
Montana is one of those states that kind of hides in the background. Breathtaking mountain ranges, plains and wild animals aren’t the only thing our state... show more
3 Books for Digital Nomads: A Starter Pack
With more and more people wanting to get away from the typical 9-5 office job and either start their own business, or work remotely, becoming a... show more
Book Recommendation if you Love Bildungsroman Novels
Have you met Alan? I think you’d like him. He’s the main character of Ian McDonald’s novel ‘The Hummingbird Tree’, a novel that is sure to... show more
2 Unique Books about Music: Wonderfully Quirky
You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy unique books about music. We’ve chosen 2 books: “Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural... show more
Book Recommendation If You like Thrilling Literature
Enjoy a good healthy scaring? Are you confident in the robust nature of your resolve? Want to test that resolve? Prepare to be blown out of... show more
Book Recommendation If You like Tropical Legends Coming to Life in Your Mind
Phillip Sherlock is one of those authors who has the proverbial green thumb. He is able to take something like an ancient legend and make it... show more
Book Recommendation If You Want to See Life through the Eyes of the Aged
We all get old… and then we die. It’s one of the unpleasant but unavoidable facts of life. Not many writers dare to confront this... show more
Book Recommendation If You like Catastrophic Culture Clashes
Take a journey into post-colonial Africa. Your vehicle? Chinua Achebe’s novel ‘Things Fall Apart’, a gripping tale of one man’s struggle against multiple odds and the... show more
Book Recommendation If You Are Intrigued by Crisis in Paradise
Are you one of those who imagine tropical flora and fauna all coexisting in a magical paradise when you think of Jamaica? Well Jean Dacosta will... show more
Book Recommendation If You like to Witness a Burgeoning Battle between Good & Evil
I’ve got the perfect book for you. Yes… you know I’m talking to you. You simply must read this book because it is designed for people... show more
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