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5 Authors like Kristen Ashley: Positively Prolific
The night she was born, her mother thought it was the end of the world. Gary, Indiana, was on fire as riots blazed in response to... show more
5 Authors like Gertrude Stein: Creatively Contradictory
She was a lesbian who despised women, anti-Semitic and Jewish, a celebrity who lived to promote others, a Bohemian who preferred early nights, a salon queen... show more
5 Authors like Edith Nesbit: Magical Reality
She was a founding member of the Fabian Society and lived in a complicated domestic situation, but through her children's books she pioneered a unique style... show more
5 Authors like Nalini Singh: Wonderful World-Building
If you’re anxiously waiting for your next fix of the ‘Psy-Changeling’ or ‘Guild Hunter’ worlds, then I have 5 authors like Nalini Singh who are also... show more
5 Authors like Martina Cole: Criminally Thrilling
These 5 authors like Martina Cole play a blinder with their crime capers set in an underworld ruled by gangs. Take Kimberley Chambers, Jessie Keane and... show more
5 Authors like Jodi Picoult: Life Lines
Chances are, you'll either love Jodi's writing, or loathe it: she isn't a writer who inspires a luke-warm response. Jodi doesn't hold back: if she's got... show more
5 Authors like Elinor Glynn: Would You Like to Sin with Elinor Glynn on a Tiger Skin?
She was the original 'it' girl – she coined the phrase and it meant indefinable sex-appeal - and one of the most read novelists of the... show more
5 Authors like Dorothy Parker: You Might As Well Live
She was one of the Lost Generation of writers and artists, working in the new freedom of the 1920s and '30s. She was modest about... show more
6 Authors like Chuck Palahniuk: Sublimely Written Subversion
The first rule of Chuck Palahniuk is: you don’t talk about Chuck Palahniuk… but when it comes to authors like Chuck Palahniuk, you can talk until... show more
5 Authors like James Patterson: Criminally Good Thrillers
These 5 authors like James Patterson write taut and thrilling crime fiction that takes readers shotgun on a cat-and-mouse chase. Each of these usual suspects specialises... show more
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