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Editor’s Corner

A Mobile App Brand Plan: A Straightforward Plan
This only takes 30 mins to do but will serve you throughout the mobile app development and launch. 6 silly questions down and you’re branding plan... show more
Biggest Challenges with Mobile Application Development
As with any new business, the unknown challenges are always the most frightening, because you don’t know when they will creep up. When venturing into a... show more
How to Do Social Media for New App: Share, Like, Comment
Too many times I have been disappointed by clicking on a promising post on my news feed and was taken through to a slow-loading, non-related, advert... show more
What Does It Take to Create a Mobile App? Something Unexpected…
So here we are. itcher is having the last bits and bobs polished before the launch and finally the developers can utter the word ‘holiday’ without... show more
6 Different Ways to Launch a Mobile App
This week I’ve been doing research about what our baby itcher will have to face once its been pushed ‘out there’. It seems our social discovery... show more
Best Way to Market a Mobile App… Don’t Think About Marketing!
How do you market a mobile app when you have limited experience in marketing or know much about apps? A good starting point is simple communication.... show more
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