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5 Shows like Sesame Street: Kid-Friendly Shenanigans
Sesame Street was intelligently designed based on research which set cognitive and affective goals for the show. The creators aimed at using modelling, repetition and humour... show more
5 Shows like Opie and Anthony: The Best of Talk Radio
Shows like 'Opie and Anthony' are radio talk shows with a critical twist. Over the years, the show has provoked an adundance of controversy, especially their... show more
5 Shows like Rugrats: Babies on TV
Nickelodeon's second 'Nicktoon' follows the misadventures of a bunch of talking babies, often neglected by their oddball parents who remain oblivious to their toddlers' secret lives.... show more
5 Shows like Scooby Doo, Where Are You!: Famous Cartoon Pets
"... and I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!" The unmasked villain always proclaims these familiar words... show more
5 Shows like Summer Heights High: Mockos, Not Docos
Skirting the boundaries of political correctness, this is Chris Lilley's most solid attempt at satire. The show manages to maintain an air of casual coolness while... show more
5 Shows like MTV Cribs: From the Vaults
Before Snapchat and Instragram made celebrities' more intimate moments widely visible, MTV's 'Cribs' took us on exclusive tours of celebrity mansions. Read on for more TV... show more
5 Shows like Veggie Tales: Educational & Christian TV
'Veggie Tales' is a Christian TV series featuring adorable anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables in biblical stories conveying moral themes. Here are a handful of other TV... show more
5 Shows like The Muppet Show: Puppets on TV
Conceived on the premise of using a medium (puppetry) that appeals to the young at heart, Jim Henson took his idea for a puppet show styled... show more
5 Shows like Pinky and the Brain: Superheros, Spies and Science Fiction in Cartoons
Two genetically engineered mice try to take over the world; Brain conceives the plan and Pinky ruins it. Let's take a look at more wacky cartoons... show more
5 Shows like NYPD Blue: Gritty & Personal
One of the more realistic primetime police dramas, 'NYPD Blue' moves with a lifelike pace and focuses less on the thrill of solving the case and... show more
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