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Good Goth Music (1990-95): Goth But Not Forgotten
The early 90’s saw Goth fall out of favor in the mainstream, but groups like Type O Negative, Cranes and Rosetta Stone continued to carry the... show more
Good Heavy Metal Music (1975-80): Inventing The Steel
The mid-1970s saw heavy metal move from its formative origins into a cultural phenomenon thanks to groups like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. But there are... show more
Good Goth Music (1980­-85): The Dawn of Darkness
Goth emerged in the 80s with a spectral sound that spawned a subculture. In addition to iconic groups like Bauhaus, The Cure and Sisters of Mercy,... show more
Good Dream Pop Music (2005-10): Waves Upon Raves
Opaque production and vocal effects were all the rage in the late 2000s. Whether it was mainstream pop artists or brooding indie rockers, atmosphere and texture... show more
Good Electronic Music (2000-05): From the Club to the Stage
By 2000, electronic music was no longer just a genre but a method of music making for club DJs and bedroom producers alike. Even more importantly,... show more
Good Hard Rock Music (1975-1980): Stairway to Heaven
During the mid-seventies, hard rock had to move over a little to make way for punk and disco, but that didn’t lessen people’s fascination with the... show more
Good Hard Rock Music (1970-75): The Beat Is Born!
Way back in the early seventies, a genre emerged that would change the face of music forever. Spawned from the British Invasion of the sixties, hard... show more
Good Dream Pop Music (2000-05): The Age of Haze
Whilst its origins are vague, with most people pointing to 80s gothic rock and 90s shoegaze as precursors, dream pop has turned out to be the... show more
Good Folk Music (2005-10): Folkestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
So folk music had successfully made it into the new millennium, but what now? The genre that had hit its peak in popularity some forty years... show more
Good Folk Music (1960-65): The Revival of Folk!
The year was 1960 and folk music was about to take the world by storm. Songs filled with political unrest and whimsical, English traditional tracks poured... show more
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