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What Should I Watch Next: itcher Is Your Answer
How do you decide on a film to watch? Are you in the mood for action or romance? Cartoons or horror? What to Watch Next Here... show more
Can Someone Recommend a Good Movie to Watch? Yes, We Can!
An Entire Team Dedicated to Movies! Our team of writers like to surprise you with selected recommendations that will amaze you! We’ll even give you a... show more
Our Website Recommends Books Based on Other Books You Like
Ahh… holidays. You’re sitting on your beach towel  reading a novel and sipping a cocktail. You’re almost at the end of a book you absolutely adored.... show more
Website That Recommends Music Based on Taste
Website that Recommends Music Based on Taste Yes, Based on Taste Enter itcher, the website that finds you more of what you really like to watch,... show more
How to Choose a Book for a Friend and Make More Friends!
 A Good Book to Get a Friend I tell you what happens with me when I am looking for a good book to buy a friend:... show more
Browse with Kerry 1 – You Have 5 Minutes to
Kerry has only 5 minutes to complete her first task, which is already proving to be a fun challenge. Will she accomplish it successfully?... show more
Recommendations for Movies Based on What You Like: itcher Takes You on a Discovery Journey
Is there an App that Recommends Movies? Indeed. Our mighty little app is called itcher and its full-time job is to suggest movies to watch based... show more
A New Game Recommendation Engine: Find the Next Game You Will Love
Finding Games that Match Your Taste Can Be Tricky There’s a website and an app that help you rate your favourite games and discover more of... show more
What to Read Next App: Spend More Time Reading, Less Time Searching
Enter itcher: a What to Read Next App (and Much More!) Enter itcher, the what book to read next app: recommending books you will love.   The... show more
The Best Movie Recommendation App? Try Itcher!
 Looking for the Best Movie Recommendation App? You look around you, you ask a few questions, you get results. How about accessing a database of millions... show more
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