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Best Romance Novel You Ever Read Finally Here

Breathe a sigh of relief romance readers. After all those years wading your way through lengthy romance books in a quest to find the most well written, captivating story, you can finally sit back. I’ve found it; the best romance novel you ever read, the Aslan of romance novels, if you will.“Tell us then!” I hear you scream. Alright, alright, keep your hair on.



One Dayby David Nicholls
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Let me introduce you to “One Day” by David Nicholls.

The concept itself makes me feel all warm and fuzzy: each chapter discusses the events of July 15th over the course of twenty years. The first 15th July we’re thrown into is in 1988, when Dexter and Emma, who you’ll soon be fondly referring to as Dex and Em, meet for the first time after graduating.

It’s a fleeting encounter (at least, that’s probably the most diplomatic way of putting it, wink wink, nudge nudge) but their story still has another twenty years to cover. Brace yourselves.

So, the characters. Emma is one of those head-screwed-on but heart in the right place kinda girls. Thumbs up from me there, Mr Nicholls.

Dexter, on the other hand, is a little conceited, certainly towards the beginning of the book anyway. But what’s a love story without having a few character flaws here and there? They may be riddled with defects but they still manage to be one of the most perfectly suited couples I have ever read.

So why is that? What separates Dex and Em to the other lovers we read about?

Firstly, their relationship isn’t solely based on lust. It isn’t about burning loins and uncontrollable sexual urges like some other books (sorry if that disappoints you, you dirty thing) but instead their relationship is grounded in so much more than that.

Dex and Em don’t go galloping through meadows deeming each other their One True Love, they’re realistic and raw and Nicholls is successful in creating a couple that readers can actually relate to.

Typical romance novels normally have a swoon worthy male involved somewhere but Nicholls avoids that whole ‘make the readers fancy the guy’ aspect and instead manages to create characters that are so perfect for each other that if Dexter strolled up to you and asked you out you’d say ‘what are you doing? Go and be with Emma!’

Best Romance Novel you Have Ever Read?

It gets better…..

The tale of “One Day” really captures real life relationships: the initial lust, the unrequited love, the juggling of other relationships and that worry that you’ll never become more than friends.

What to expect:

believable characters with realistic flaws

– lots of cringing at funny moments

– laughing


more laughing

sob fest


So if you’re a bit of a romance novel enthusiast and still haven’t found that one book that looms in your mind, open up a new tab and order a copy of “One Day” pronto.After that, you’ll need to clear your schedule for a week in order to savour every chapter.

I’m sure work will understand.


Hey, I’m Kerry. I began writing aged 4, when I wrote a moving retelling of the classic fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk.
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