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Best Australian Girl Bands: Girls on Top down Under

Sunday Simmons ItcherSay ‘girl bands’ and an image of Pussycat Dolls or Spice Girls come to mind. But The Bangles were a girl band, as were The Go-Go’s, Hole and L7. There’s such diversity – from trance/dance NERVO, to rock chicks The Veronicas, these girls all have something unique to offer. ~ Sunday Simmons

Not a Barbie Girl in Sight…

Girl bands. They’re almost a musical genre all their own. Often drawing from various musical styles, and with over the top fashion sense, even the chilled out Aussies have their fair share.

I’m resisting the urge to use words like ‘girl power’ – save that for the nineties. The girl band stereotype has long been blown out of the water, as this list of best Australian girl bands clearly shows. There’s edginess, a change in attitude and a shift in style. Girl bands have evolved… hurrah!

Enough chit chat, down to business. Cross a couple of time zones with me to the land of sunshine and spiders, and let me introduce you to some of the best girl bands you could hope to hear!


Song recommendation – Check out ‘You’re Gonna Love Again’

Melbourne twins Miriam and Olivia Nervo make up the super duo NERVO. Aside from their own successful musical career, the pair has written songs for Kesha, the Pussycat Dolls, and most notably the Grammy award winning ‘When Love Takes Over’ with David Guetta and Kelly Rowland.

With incredible song writing credentials like that, these Aussie diva DJ’s are hot property, and set to release a single with Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) as we speak. But what do they sound like? Great vocals, great harmonies, and absolutely pumping tunes – if you love club/trance/dance, you’ll love NERVO. ‘Nuff said.

Trance/dance fusion with a kick.

Go Violets

Song recommendation – Check out ‘Wanted’

Formed in Brisbane in 2011, the Go Violets had a promising career before their untimely but amicable split in 2014. Think harmonious fuzzy guitars, and a laid back, easy going melodious blend of light grunge fused with a Bangles-esque vibe. That’s the Go Violets.

There’s something retro about this indie rock band, and lead singer Phoebe has a Susanna Hoffs type voice. With some lovely harmonies, and a general good feeling to their music, it would be perfectly at home played around a fire at a beach party while the surf rolls in and the sun sets. Jangly summer tunes.

Pretty pop with a retro feel.

Slinkee Minx

Song recommendation – Check out ‘Summer Rain’    

Formed in Melbourne, this all girl pop/dance trio has seen global chart success and wowed the crowds on the gig circuit. Probably best known for their cover of Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Summer Rain’, their blend of electronica and pop has earned them a place on our list.

Now a duo, Slinkee Minx have furthered their career by working with some of the biggest names in dance whilst recording their long awaited second EP. Stunning vocals cascading over layers of electronic wizardry. Fabulous.

Catchy pop with a dance feel.

The Veronicas

Song recommendation – Check out ‘Cruel’

Brisbane born identical twins Lisa and Jessica are better known as the pop/punk duo The Veronicas. Blending scorching guitars with upbeat, catchy pop lyrics, The Veronicas are a kind of Paramore meets YouMeAtSix meets 5 Seconds Of Summer hybrid – and it works.

Hugely popular on the live circuit, their global success has seen them hitting the charts worldwide, and even designing a ‘pop punk princess’ children’s clothing line. Part of Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, and supporters of PETA, The Veronicas have used their success to help publicise the need for animal protection and wildlife conservation worldwide. Arguably one of the biggest names in Aussie pop since Kylie.

Guitar infused punk/pop with some killer vocals.


Song recommendation – Check out ‘Take It From Me’

And let’s end on a fun note. Girlfriend was one of the biggest names in Australian girl bands during the nineties, so let’s head down memory lane for a moment when the true girl band roamed the Earth.

Synchronised dance moves a la Paula Abdul, colour coded outfits, and everyone in the band getting their ‘turn’ to sing. Turning the phrase ‘girl power’ four years before the Spice Girls used it, Girlfriend was immensely popular across Australia and Europe, and it’s easy to see why. Sharp vocals, polished dancing, catchy, upbeat music. What’s not to love?

Happy music for summer days.


Bondi Beat

Girl bands worldwide could learn a thing or two from some of their Australian counterparts – it’s not about emulating who’s good right now, it’s about becoming who’s good right now, and I would say these girls are doing it right.

Personally, I think Go Violets had something great to offer, and it’s a real shame their career was so short lived. Luckily the members are all working on solo endeavours, so who knows what may come of that. I love their track ‘Josie’, there’s a raw quality that really appeals and Phoebe’s ethereal vocals are a treat.

I could have added Bardot or sixties rock band The Vamps (not to be confused with the Aussie boyband of the same name), but I’ll leave it up to you to discover them.

And let us know what you think, we love your feedback!

Oi Oi, I’m Sunday Simmons, professional freelance writer and indie author. Born into a family of entertainers, musicians and artists, I chose the pen as my instrument at a young age and I’ve been scribbling stuff ever since. Hopefully some of it makes sense! Writing is my passion, and with three kids and plenty of pets, life is chaos and I love it.
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