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Beautiful Katamari video game model

The Best Action Video Games Xbox 360 Can Offer!

The best action game on the 360 is, without a shadow of a doubt, Bayonetta.

When it comes to action games I’m a fan. Coupled with action-adventure, a distinction made to avoid the genre being huge, they have got to be most responsible for making me buy more games than I can possibly play.

When I tried to narrow down the best action video games Xbox 360 gave me access to, I came up with three titles that I just delighted in from start to finish.


Roll up; Roll up, for the Strangest Game I Know

When it comes to the action genre there’s plenty of scope for what sort of game actually constitutes it. But when the guidelines were made I’m sure no one expected Beautiful Katamari to be invented.

You start with a tiny ball (or Katamari) and roll up objects, such as dominoes, people, buildings etc. that are of a comparative size to it. As you collect things, your Katamari grows and grows, until you can eventually roll up galaxies.

Horrendously difficult to complete (successfully rolling up every object can be a real challenge) but light-hearted enough to avoid gamer rage, the cartoony style and J-Pop music make this a real experience, and one I won’t forget.

… As you collect things, your Katamari grows and grows, until you can eventually roll up galaxies …


Do you Have the Stomach for all Things Crazy?

Next up is Lollipop Chainsaw. The love child of Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51, anyone who wants to experience something less mainstream should pick this up.

Armed with the decapitated head of her boyfriend…

You play Juliet Starling, a high-school cheerleader who arrives at school to find a zombie apocalypse. Armed with her trusty chainsaw, some crazy hack ‘n’ slash moves (check out the rainbows that appear if you do certain combos) and the decapitated head of her boyfriend, she has to save the day. A complete frenzy of bright colours and humour, the only flaw is its short length.


It’s Witch Time, People. Better Buckle Up.

During the 360’s reign I feel in love, and I don’t just mean with my husband. I also feel in love with a feisty English witch – Bayonetta.

She awakens after a 500 year old sleep with no memories of herself or her past. Bit by bit she pieces them back together, just in time to play an integral part in the ultimate battle between the Umbra Witches (dark) and the Lumen Sages (light).

Highly stylised, the game couples upbeat music and easy to learn, hard to master combat with collectibles and epic boss battles. It employs a mechanic known as witch time, where the player can trigger a temporarily slowdown on all the enemies by evading at the right time. This, coupled with longer combo chains that involve utilising Bayonetta’s long hair by turning it into a giant fist or boot, brings a tactical element to the sequences and stops it from getting repetitive.

…Brings a tactical element to the sequences and stops it from getting repetitive …

The real appeal in comes in the form of the protagonist. Filled with intelligence, sass and sex appeal, this is a character I couldn’t wait to play as every time I lifted my controller.


Zoey’s Verdict

When it comes to good action video games for Xbox 360, those who think outside the box will adore Beautiful Katamari and Lollipop Chainsaw.

However, if you’re only going to play one title it has to be Bayonetta. I challenge you to not smile as you play this game.

You will fail.


My name is Zoey Hughes and I′m a video games contributor for itcher. I also write and review for various gaming websites. My first console was the ZX Spectrum and I’ve been utterly hooked ever since. I love all things game related and can usually be found with a controller in my hand, but I’m also passionate about reading, fashion and music. I live a quiet life with my husband/co-op partner whilst I try to keep my competitive side hidden.
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