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Sylvia Day Book Cover
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Authors like Sylvia Day: Seductive Passion

Helen Maloney itcher Sylvia Day is well known for her passionate and seductive tales, with enigmatic heroes to capture our interest and our hearts and heroines to both love and hate (because they have the man, and we don’t).
If you want a new fix then look no further! We have more addictive authors like Sylvia Day for you. ~ Helen Maloney

Julie Kenner

Julie Kenner bookKenner also explores paranormal romance/urban fantasy, as Day does in her Renegade Angels and Dream Guardians series, with her Shadow Hunters series, which is full of paranormal and supernatural elements and thrilling tales.

She is also author of The Stark Trilogy and Damien Stark, who could give Gideon a run for his money…

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Both Kenner and Day share similar interest in the paranormal and in writing about powerful, charismatic and in charge men.


Maya Banks

Maya BanksIf you want powerful and dominating heroes, then Banks is definitely an author to try.

Her scope is wide, her stories juicy and her characters full of depth. We have brave Scottish highlanders in need of the love of a good woman to keep them warm; men who don’t take no for an answer and want nothing more than to prove themselves or give in to temptation; a super-elite, top-secret family-run business and the tough but loveable heroes and heroines involved… and of course, so much more.

If you’re a fan of The Crossfire Series, then I recommend Bank’s Breathless trilogy, with its dominant businessmen and the women who become the focus of all their attention and protective instincts.

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With its powerful and passionate protagonists, and the romantic interests between them, Day and Banks are two peas in a pod.


Shayla Black

Shayla Black bookHer Wicked Lovers series is definitely one to try.

Full of dominant, powerful and sexy men who want to show their lucky women what they’ve been missing while keeping them safe and unlocking all their secrets or healing all their hurts.

If you like your men strong, capable and oh-so-in-control in the bedroom, then I recommend this series (and author) to you.

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Although on the lighter side, Roberts is close to Day due to the hotness of her men and their tendency to get what they want, once they decide what that is.


Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts bookWhile Roberts doesn’t really touch on the BDSM side of things, her books are full of take-charge men, powerful men, won’t-take-no-for-an­-answer men, and alpha make types.

There’s Simon in The Search – a hot, sexy, loner of a carpenter but who has excellent moves.

There’s Cooper in Black Hills – brooding and troubled but once he decides to go after Lil, she doesn’t stand a chance.

Duncan in High Noon refuses to let Phoebe say no, even when she is being stalked by a killer. He’s going to prove she has no choice but to make room for him in her life.

There are also plenty of no-holds barred businessmen with the less-experienced or more innocent heroines who capture their attention in her earlier work.

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Although on the lighter side, Roberts is close to Day due to the hotness of her men and their tendency to get what they want, once they decide what that is.


Your Thoughts

Has Sylvia Day captured your interest?If so, why? Are you a die-hard Gideon fan or open for multiple love interests?If you’ve read any of the authors mentioned, please share your thoughts and, of course, share any other authors like Sylvia Day that you recommend.


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