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5 Authors like Kristen Ashley: Positively Prolific

Mandy Baldwin itcherThe night she was born, her mother thought it was the end of the world. Gary, Indiana, was on fire as riots blazed in response to the killing of Martin Luther King. And the baby was taught to think she was one of a dying breed: a white, middle-class child in Gary. It wasn’t the end and nobody was dying; instead it was the beginning of a lively career as a best-selling novelist. Authors like Tillie Cole, Lisa Hughey and Kaylea Cross spill their hearts out for their readers on a huge scale. ~ Mandy Baldwin

Funnily Enough…

Ashley writes romances which don’t hold back but she also claims that humour is an absolute must. You can definitely find the funny-bone in her novels and her story-telling is bright and enjoyable, if predictable.

One of her fans describes loving Kristen’s books but not wanting to read one straight after another because she would know exactly what would happen. Authors like Kristen Ashley definitely work to a formula but what’s wrong with a formula that works?

‘The Gamble’ (2012) is typical: girl with problems meets man with money who finds her amusing. There is a hidden attraction, a hint of mystery, some hot sex, a touch of farce and a happy ending. All in beautiful surroundings. And isn’t that really what everyone wants?


Authors Similar to Kristen Ashley…

Tillie Cole

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Now living in Canada but still strongly attached to northern England to the point of homesickness, Tillie was an avid reader who began writing because she thought she could do it better than the authors she was reading.

Ever since she has, as she herself said, ‘written from the heart’. Her fascination with fantasy and world religions, her yearning for HP Sauce and Yorkshire puddings, and her even stronger yearning and fascination for tattooed bad boys are all found in her novels.

Drawing inspiration from writers like Kristen Ashley, Tillie Cole can be trusted to use her writing as a vehicle for every emotion she has ever felt.

Recommended Book: ‘Sweet Soul’ (2015)

Levi Carillo think he’s a failure because he’s nothing like his older brothers. He’s cripplingly shy and events from his past linger in his memories and destroy his confidence. And then one day, he rescues a beautiful girl…

Elsie Hall is at rock bottom: homeless, penniless, struggling for a crust to eat or an hour of warmth.  And then one day, she’s rescued by a beautiful boy… or does she save him?

Similarity Match: 90%
Kristen and Tillie have both learned to channel their personal dreams into fiction, but Tillie tends more toward heart-rending drama.

Lisa Hughey

Image Source: Lisa Hughey

Lisa claims she has been writing romance since she was four years old. Whether that’s true or not, since then, she’s crossed over into fantasy, as well as writing some vibrant, tender romances which deal with all the angst of family life as well as a central love story.

She has a large following of adoring fans and although her writing is definitely formulaic, she can build strong characters.

Recommended Book: ‘Heart Of Stone’ (2014)

The first of a series centring around the lives of a family unsurprisingly called ‘Stone’.

Riley Stone is the handsome, charming brother – like his powerful father, who he dislikes. When he meets a woman he can’t so easily seduce and finds himself on the run with her, he has to confront his family and himself if they are to be together.

Fast paced and dramatic, even if a little obvious.

Similarity Match: 85%
There is romantic drama as found in Ashley’s books, but lacking her irreverent humour.

Kaylea Cross

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Like Kristen, Kaylea has a wide readership and a formula which works. She specialises in ‘military romance fiction’ and her books not only cater to everyone with a uniform fetish but are carefully researched to avoid false details.

Writers like Kaylea sketch their romances against the background of tempestuous events like hostage situations and terrorist attacks to ensure maximum drama.

Recommended Book: ‘Seized’ (2015)

Two people want each other but both are off-limits.  And then one of them is ‘taken’ and the other must rescue her.

The clock is ticking. Sawyer is haunted by missed opportunities to be with Carmela and all he can hope is that they will be safely together soon. And then the terrorists start killing hostages…

Tense stuff, which I can’t help thinking would make good TV.

Similarity Match: 80%
Her writing has all the emotional tension found in Ashley’s work, but Ashley sets her romances against more cheerful backgrounds.


If You Like Kristen Ashley, You Will Like…

If you look carefully you will see that there are many writers out there who share the same dreams as Kristen. Here are just two of the best.

Sylvia Day

Image Source: GHS Journalism

There is a small protest going on at the moment among those who live Sylvia Day’s books. Her most recent work entailed an eighteen month wait and then wasn’t quite up to the standard her fans were expecting.

I have to feel sorry for Sylvia, because she is a regular provider of intricate, steamy romances and this is the first time she has let anyone down.

She is a best-seller, deservedly, and I hope her fan-base will soon forgive her.

Recommended Book: ‘Captivated By You’ (2014)

The complaint is that not enough loose ends are tied up and that this book concentrates on the emotional rather than on the action. I can see their point of view; it seems that Miss Day has moved on from the pure ‘hot romance’ label and wants to explore some emotional depth.

I thought the book was surprisingly insightful and hinted at dramatic past lives and emotional damage in a way which was intriguing rather than annoying.

Personally, my main difficulty was with a character being named Gideon.

They began so similarly but it seems that Kristen Ashley is better at marketing herself as a constant brand whereas Sylvia is beginning to develop beyond her current readership.

Riley Mackenzie

Image Source: Read Love Lust

Riley writes romance but with a dark edge. Most romance writers avoid the gloomy and gritty unless from a distance but Riley actually forces readers to look it in the eye.

Recommended Book: ‘Abruption’ (2016)

This is a surprisingly thematic book dealing with the issues of love, loss, rebuilding of shattered lives, and the shock of broken plans and dreams.

The nurse caring for single father Guy’s only child can only offer her support as Guy relives the day he lost the woman he loved.

And then he finds that love didn’t die that day.

Romantic writing as boldly sentimental as Ashley’s, but with a grown-up edge to the ‘adult’ material.


The World Will Always Welcome Lovers

Romance is timeless, and so is irresistible sex. Put the two together and the dreams of the writer feed the dreams of the reader.  An author like Kristen Ashley provides a constant stream of entertainment.

And it becomes even more interesting when the author beefs it up with a dramatic or frightening situation which makes the heart beat faster in more ways than one.

Have you been swept away by a raunchy writer recently? Please leave your comments.

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