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Authors like Kresley Cole: Adrenaline-Fuelled Rides!

Helen Maloney itcherWhy do we love Kresley Cole ?
Simply put, her books are a riot! They are an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled ride and an emotional rollercoaster with a sarcastic sense of humour. ~ Helen Maloney

So, if you love Cole’s brand of humour and sarcastic style, then give these other authors like Kresley Cole a go!

Cole is the author who launched me into a world of sassy and snarky, often kick-ass, no holds-barred, take-charge heroines, and for that I thank her.

If you want to meet similar heroines or perhaps explore vivid new worlds, then here are other authors like Kresley Cole.

Writers Similar to Kresley Cole

Shelly LaurenstonShelly Laurenston

Laurenston is a must if you like Cole’s distinctive style. Her heroines are often filled with a snarky attitude and they don’t take themselves too seriously, giving us readers a fun and exciting read.
Her world building is imaginative, especially if you include her fantasy series about dragons, written under the pen name G.A. Aiken.

Her shifters often appear a little crazy, but with good hearts, and as we follow each couple’s stories, we see they interconnect, like Cole, however, there is no big end of the world Ascension-type plot joining them altogether.

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While she has a similar sassy slant to her writing, her work focuses on shapeshifters, rather than the breadth of different species inhabiting Cole’s work.

Jacquelyn Frank

Jacquelyn FrankFrank also re-imagines figures from fantasy and mythology in her Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers series in new and original ways. There are similar species to be found between Cole and Frank, and yet each is different.

Frank’s series follow a group of these Nightwalkers (vampires, demons, etc.) as they discover their mates across different species and humans, while battling vile human necromancers who wish to destroy them.

These tales are full of take-charge, possessive and protective males and many kick-ass and strong females to delight us as we watch them take the plunge and fall in love.

Image source: fantastika

The imaginative world building and new slant on common species, such as the demons, resembles Cole’s work, but again we are missing that distinctive sarcastic slant that sets her work apart.

Thea Harrison

Thea HarrisonIf you like the world building and the plethora of species and cultures in Cole’s work, then Harrison is certainly someone who should be on your to-read pile, what with her seven demesnes full of different races and their individual cultures and societies for us all to enjoy.

The world is generally less dark, though still dangerous and full of alpha-males to frustrate our heroines with their stubbornness and over-protectiveness.

Dragos is, as one would expect from a dragon as old as the world itself, is quite the ultimate alpha-male, reminding me somewhat of Lachlain.

Image source: goodreads

While the breadth of the world-building is similar, there isn’t really a sarcastic slant or any sassy heroines – overall, there is a more serious tone to the entire work – still vastly enjoyable of course.

Ilona AndrewsIlona AndrewsAll of Andrews’ work includes unusual and imaginative world building and re-imagining, becoming a characteristic element of their work.

It is also full of great men for the heroines to fall in love with – whether it’s Curran, the great and terrible Beast Lord; Declan, the bluebood noble intent on protecting Rose and her siblings; William, the changeling who doubts his worth but wants nothing more than to be loved; and so many more.

Kate, as a heroine, reminds me of Cole because she is unquestionably a strong, kick-ass, take-charge and often sassy or sarcastic heroine.

She takes on all the challenges that come her way –including the previously mentioned sexy but scary Curran – and navigates her world of witches, shapeshifters, vampires, etc. with her trusty sword.

Image source: ilona-andrews

Undeniably Andrews creates remarkable worlds full of extraordinary creatures and characters you can’t help but admire as they face the various dangers they encounter, but, there is less of Cole’s brand of humour and sarcastic slant through their work.

Darynda Jones

Darynda JonesLike Cole, Jones has her own unique slant on figures in mythology.

In this case, she re-imagines the Grim Reaper and the battle between Heaven and Hell.

There isn’t as great a variety of creatures in Jones’ world, but what is there is well imagined and interesting – whether it is the various ghosts or spirits, those with psychic gifts, demons or the Grim Reaper herself.

It is still definitely a well-crafted world.

We have a snarky and sassy heroine who often finds herself in the thick of the trouble and a dark, dangerous and very alpha-male (with all those protective and possessive tendencies) hero for her to fall in love with.

Image source: mynotsovacantshelf

This is a series that follows our hero and heroine as their relationship and Charley’s journey deepens, rather than lots of different romances adding to the whole, although there is a big end-of-the-world type plot.


More Authors like Kresley Cole?

Why do you like Cole’s work?

What makes it stand out for you?

Have you read any of my suggested writers similar to Kresley Cole? Please share any of your thoughts and feelings about them, especially if you enjoyed them.

Do you have any of your own recommendations for more authors like Kresley Cole?

If so, then we would love to hear them!


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