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John Grisham

5 Authors like John Grisham – Starring Heroic Heroines

Mel Candea itcherIf you’re a fan of John Grisham then you love the heart-pounding pace of his courtroom dramas, not to mention plot twists and turns to make your head spin. Looking for authors like John Grisham? Check out our list of similar authors where ladies take the lead. ~ Mel Candea
I like reading John Grisham. His novels are always a blast to read and highly addictive. At last count, I’ve read at least 10+.Yet at some point, after running out of his work, I just had to search for other writers similar to John Grisham, to fulfill my courtroom/crime/page-turning needs.
David Baldacci: ‘Split Second’ (Maxwell and King #1, 2003)

David BaldacciI figure if you think too much about things, life sometimes just passes you by
– From ‘Split Second

Michelle Maxwell is a disgraced secret service agent who has lost the candidate she was supposed to protect; former secret service agent Sean King empathizes.

Their stories intersect, and when King becomes a suspect in a streak of brutal murders they discover a wealth of lies, cover-ups and conspiracy.

Image source: barnesandnoble

David Baldacci writes about the Secret Service, not the courtroom, but he’s a writer similar to John Grisham for his pacing and empathetic characters.

James Patterson: ‘1st to Die’ (Women’s Murder Club #1, 2001)

James PattersonI remembered something my first partner had told me – ‘Never wrestle with a pig, Lindsay. You both get dirty. And the pig likes it.’
Lindsay Boxer, 1st to Die

Patterson really outdid himself with not just one but 4 heroines.

Based in San Francisco, newlywed couples are being killed on their wedding night.

Inspector Lindsay Boxer, ME Claire Washburn, fresher reporter Cindy Thomas and assistant DA Jill Bernhardt work together and are convinced they know who the killer is.

If only they could prove it…

Image source: jamespatterson

James Patterson is a writer similar to John Grisham, if not a little more complex with his characters. His books are fast and furious reading that keep you guessing to the end.

Phillip Margolin: ‘Gone, But Not Forgotten’ (1993)

Phillip MargolinThe inferior man lived only in his fantasies, because he lacked willpower and imagination. The superior man made his fantasies a reality.
Martin Darius, Gone, But Not Forgotten

Criminal lawyer Betsy Tannenbaum is a strong advocate of women’s rights – which is why it’s strange she gets hired to defend Martin Darius.

All clues pertaining to the missing and mutilated housewives point in his direction, so Tannenbaum begins investigating herself.

Is he a killer or a patsy for a cover-up?

The ending is fantastic.

Image source: phillipmargolin

If you like Grisham, you’ll like Phillip Margolin. His writing might be a little more graphic, but the courtroom action and way he weaves his plots are good reads.

George Dawes: ‘The Juror’ (1995)

George DawesI need a little excitement in my life.
Annie Laird, about jury duty, The Juror

A single mother and semi-sculptor, Annie Laird, gets called to jury duty for a mafia boss murder trial.

She’s just ‘doing her civic duty’ until she gets a call from a man named ‘The Teacher.’ He’s a cleaner (someone who takes care of loose ends for the mafia).

He becomes obsessive and starts killing those close to her – with her son next in line.

Image source: thecrimevault

The reason George Dawes is one of the writers like John Grisham: over-the-top and entertaining courtroom drama.

Lisa Gardner: ‘The Neighbor’ (Detective D.D. Warren #3, 2009)

Lisa GardnerThere are things that once done can’t be undone, things that once said can’t be unsaid.
– From ‘The Neighbor

A south-Boston teacher has gone missing and the only witness was her 4-year-old daughter.

Detective Warren, cynical and uptight, investigates.

She doesn’t expect her attraction to the main suspect, the husband Jason Jones, or the dark secrets the missing schoolteacher kept.

Nothing is what it seems.

Image source: background-pictures.picphotos

Lisa Gardner’s another author similar to John Grisham or James Patterson. She writes gripping, page-turning books with more than a hint of psychological depth.


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Do You like Some Grisham?

Grisham. Have you read any of these?Any to add to the list?Please let us know in the comments below!


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