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Authors like Dan Brown You Have to Know

Helen Maloney itcherWith the success of The Da Vinci Code and its film adaptation, Dan Brown has become a household name. If you’ve enjoyed his work, then you might be looking for more – but you don’t necessarily want to read lots of other authors’ interpretations or retellings of The Da Vinci Code. ~ Helen Maloney

Recommended Authors like Dan Brown

You’re in luck, for we have a list of recommended authors who write books like Dan Brown books.
Raymond Khoury

Raymond Khoury

If you like Brown’s Robert Langdon work, then Khoury is a definite must, especially his Templar series beginning with The Last Templar (2006).

We follow FBI Agent Sean Reilly and his lady-love, archaeologist Tess, as they end up on the hunt for an artifact that four men, dressed as Templars, have stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a brutal attack.

It leads them through the dark and secret history of the Knights Templar as they attempt to track them down and recover the lost secret these ruthless men would do anything to keep hidden.

The story doesn’t stop there. Sean and Tess have to keep travelling the world, solving ancient mysteries, unlocking hidden secrets and attempting to handle their implications for the present.

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Steve Berry

Steve Berry

Berry’s Cotton Malone series is similar to Brown’s work as the majority are related to some event or some mystery hidden in history – The Templars, the Library of Alexandria, Alexander the Great’s final resting place, etc. – and which may or may not have drastic consequences for modern life and thought.

We have a hero, perhaps not the most likely of heroes (in this case a retired US Justice Department agent who is now a book-seller), who must travel, face danger, and unravel the mystery.

The Third Secret is also a must if you enjoy this genre – a controversial secret from the Virgin Mary herself and a secret that may alter the fate of the Church.

They are well researched and Berry has his own take on the theories, allowing him to create his own style within this genre.

Definitely worth a read.

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Robert Ludlum

Robert Ludlum

Most notably known for his Bourne series, Ludlum is a must for all mystery/thriller readers.

Yes, this has spies involved, rather than a symbologist or cryptographer, so it’s more for those who enjoyed Digital Fortress with its NSA plot.

Ludlum weaves an intricate plot with complex characters, mysteries to solve, secrets to unravel all in an action-packed, suspense-filled story line as we follow our amnesiac on his hunt to find out who he is and where he’s from.

He has that authenticity that demonstrates attention to detail and research, which is also present in Khoury’s and Brown’s work.

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Allan Folsom

Allan Folsom

With Folsom you get a range of thrillers on different topics and with different characters, but at their heart is intrigue, danger and lots of action. They’re full of twists and turns that keep you hooked.

We have Vatican conspiracies and centuries-old conspiracies, secret brotherhoods, plans for world domination, mercenaries, a runaway president and so much more.

While still well-researched, the focus is placed more on the action, keeping it at a fast pace and full of suspense (similar to Ludlum in this respect).

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I hope you now have a list of new authors and books to take you on thrilling rides and keep you entertained while you try to solve the mysteries and unlock the clues.If you have read any of our suggested Dan Brown similar authors, then please let us know what you thought of them.

As usual, if you have other authors like Dan Brown books that you would like to recommend to others, then please comment below.


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