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 Will Howell-Cornes

Will Howell-Cornes
Will Howell-Cornes is a writer, photographer and TV editor. He’s been trying to write three TV shows for a while now, which he hopes will be like ‘Lost’ ‘Hannibal’ and ‘The Leftovers’. He used to be a stand-up comedian but stopped being funny around July 2012.
5 Movies like Heaven Can Wait: Do You Believe in the Afterlife?
With their Guardian Angels and Pearly Gates, movies like ‘Heaven Can Wait’ confirm our belief in the afterlife. Such a concept is an important way of... show more
5 Movies like The Jungle Book : Orphan Stories
Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book has it all - jungle setting, feral child, classic Rudyard Kipling story, unforgettable songs and some of the most memorable anthropomorphic animals... show more
5 Movies like Tommy: Rock Operas & Band Films
If you thought that there were no movies like ‘Tommy’, you’d be wrong. On top of films I know and love like The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia’, The... show more
5 Movies like The Amityville Horror: The Haunted House as Metaphor
Today, we’re going to go deeper than ever and deconstruct the houses and forests of movies like ‘The Amityville Horror’, ‘The Blair Witch Project and ‘The... show more
5 Movies like In the Heart of the Sea: The Great White Hunter
Movies like ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ teach us mere mortals about obsession. During the course of a story, whales like ‘Moby Dick’, wolves like... show more
5 Movies like Gone in 60 Seconds: Grand Theft Auto
Hello Petrolheads! So you’re after movies like ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ - You got it! First, we’ll ignite our engines with ‘Fast Five’ and ‘Need for... show more
5 Movies like 1408: Stephen King. Master of Horror
Movies like ‘1408’ exemplify Stephen King’s mastery of psychological horror. Dozens of his stories have been adapted for the silver screen so today we’ll be checking... show more
6 Movies like Enter the Dragon: Everybody in Kung Fu Mood
There are a million movies like ‘Enter the Dragon’ so my job today is to bring you a few that you may not immediately think of.... show more
5 Movies like In The Loop : Political Satire
The medieval jester was the only character who would dare speak the truth without getting their head lobbed off by the king. Nowadays, that job falls... show more
5 Movies like Man Bites Dog : Video Killed the Radio Star
We TV fans love a good detective show and their gruesome crimes. This is heightened by the media’s adulation of serial killers to create the perfect... show more
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