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 Tom Cropper

Tom Cropper
These days Tom Cropper is normally found writing about money and ethical issues and finance for people like Go Compare and the Guardian. However, he started his career many years ago writing about film for a small and sadly defunct indie paper called the Soho Independent. Since then he’s written for various movie websites and, when he’s not trying to explain the nuances of insurance to people spends his time trying to dig out obscure movies from far flung parts of the world.
Movies like Sydney White: Teenage Dramas
“Teen movies have been staple diets of Hollywood ever since ‘Grease’. Here are some of the best of all time including ’Mean Girls’, ‘Ten Things I... show more
Movies like Abduction: Mystery Thrillers
“I like a good thriller as much as anyone. Here are some of the best including ‘Unknown’, the ‘Bourne Identity’ and many others.”... show more
6 Movies like B.A. Pass: Foreign Delights
“Every now and again World Cinema produces a true classic. Here are some of the best including ‘La Gaan’, ‘Join Security Area’ and ‘Lie with Me’.”... show more
6 Movies like Contagion: Deadly Diseases
“Here are some big epidemic movies to fuel your paranoia including ‘Outbreak’, ‘12 Monkeys’ and 'I am Legend’.”... show more
6 Movies like X-Men: Saving the World One More Time
The world is awash with comic book super hero movies. Sorting out the good from the bad and the ugly can be difficult. Here are a... show more
6 Movies like Dumb and Dumber: Crazy Fools
“Dumb and dumber is modern day slapstick at its best. Here’s a list of some movies featuring the greatest clowns ever to grace our screens such... show more
6 Movies like Captain America: Classic Heroes
“Are you holding out for a hero – preferably one wearing spandex? If so, here are some people who might help including ‘Superman’, ‘Spiderman’ and let’s... show more
6 Movies like Awakenings: Medical Miracles
“Movies about inspirational people defying the odds. Here are some classics including ‘Rain Man’, ‘The Kings Speech’ and’ One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’.”... show more
6 Movies like Basic Instinct: Thrills & Spills
“Basic Instinct is one of those movies which attempts to hide its inadequacies with oodles of nudity, which is fine if you like that sort of... show more
6 Movies like Adventureland: Coming of Age
“Looking for relatively intelligent rom com? Here are a few which won’t actually make him wish for an early death including Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist,... show more
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