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 Stanyo Zhelev

Stanyo Zhelev
5 Movies Like Boy Erased
Looking for movies similar to Boy Erased, the drama that tackles gay conversion therapy based on the memoir by Garrard Conley? Itcher has you covered with... show more
5 Games Like Darksiders III
Fans of hack-and-slash action games can now sink their into Darksiders III – but if the latest entry in the series isn’t enough to satisfy your... show more
5 Great Movies with Don Cheadle
Celebrate the birthday of Don Cheadle with this Itcher retrospective that takes a look back at some of his most memorable roles over the years. This... show more
5 Great Movies With Ed Harris
Celebrate the birthday of Ed Harris with this Itcher retrospective – a brief look at the actor, writer and director’s most memorable movies over the years.... show more
5 Movies Like Robin Hood (2018)
A new big screen take on the iconic story of Robin Hood is out – and critics absolutely hate it. Maybe you agree, but feel like... show more
5 Games Like Battlefield V
Battlefield V is taking you back to World War II – again. It’s the busiest time of the year for big video games, so we’d understand... show more
5 Movies Like Ralph Breaks the Internet
Wreck-It Ralph is back and this time, he’s going to wreck… no, wait *checks notes* – he’s going to BREAK the internet. If you enjoyed Ralph... show more
5 Great Movies With Scarlett Johansson
Itcher celebrates Scarlett Johansson’s birthday by taking a look back at a handful of her most memorable roles over the years. This is 5 Great Movies... show more
5 Movies Like Suspiria (2018)
If arthouse horror is your thing, then surely you’ve all over the Suspiria remake – and if you want more like it, these movie recommendations are... show more
5 Movies Like The Girl in The Spider’s Web
Hacker vigilante Lisbeth Salander returns in The Girl in the Spider’s Web, this time played by Claire Foy. Whether you’re a long time or entirely fan... show more
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