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 Stanyo Zhelev

Stanyo Zhelev
5 Movies Like The Girl in The Spider’s Web
Hacker vigilante Lisbeth Salander returns in The Girl in the Spider’s Web, this time played by Claire Foy. Whether you’re a long time or entirely fan... show more
5 Movies Like Outlaw King
Chris Pine stars as Robert the Bruce, King of Scots in Netflix’s history epic Outlaw King – if you enjoyed that brutal slice of history, Itcher... show more
7 Great Games Turning 10
Ready to feel old? These classic games are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year – and here at Itcher, we’re willing to bet it really does... show more
5 Great Movies with Ryan Gosling
Celebrate Ryan Gosling’s birthday by revisiting some of the most memorable roles of his career. This is 5 Great Movies with Ryan Gosling. BLADE RUNNER 2049... show more
5 Movies Like Overlord
A team of US paratroopers go behind enemy lines during World War II, only to discover a shocking – and horrific – Nazi secret. If you... show more
5 Great Movies with Emma Stone
Ever rising star Emma Stone celebrates her birthday today and in honour of that, we’re going take a look back at some of her most memorable... show more
5 Great Movies with Sam Rockwell
In honour of the great Sam Rockwell’s birthday, Itcher is taking a look back at some of his most memorable roles (and dance moves) over the... show more
5 Movies Like Slaughterhouse Rulez
Looking forward to see Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunited in Slaughterhouse Rulez? So are we – and if the movie isn’t enough to scratch that... show more
5 Great Games Turning 15 in 2018
The future of gaming looks incredibly exciting, but it’s important to remember the past as well. Itches looks at game anniversaries of beloved classics – this... show more
Top 5 Blu-Ray/DVD Releases October 2018
As October nears its end, why not take a moment to look back at the hottest Blu-Ray and DVD releases from it? This is the Top... show more
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