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 Patri Hernandez

Patri Hernandez
Editor in Chief
Patri Hernandez is itcher Magazine's Editor in Chief as well as being in charge of SEO at itcher headquarters.
Finally: the Most Romantic Piano Pieces of All Time Listed Here
I’ve played the piano since I was young, very young. Too young in fact. All I did for many years (all of my youth, really) was... show more
Top 80’s Spanish Music That Makes Me Shiver.. Still!
Before I start talking about the top 80’s Spanish music I think you should know about, I need to make one thing clear: Spanish music and... show more
The Best Films by Luis Bunuel Have Been Banned for Years
If you type into Google “the best Luis Bunuel films” you will get the new(ish) carousel results at the very top of the page, which looks... show more
How Much Does Creating a Mobile App Cost? Q&A with Daniel Rovira – Part 1
How much does creating a mobile app cost? These as well as many other questions are in the minds of many individuals looking into entering this... show more
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