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 Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor
My name is Michael Taylor and I'm your go-to source for finding the best in Alternative rock in all its various genres, such as Goth, Grunge, Post-punk, Shoegaze, Britpop and Electronica, with some metal thrown in for good measure. Film-wise, I'm all about sci-fi and horror, comic book movies, and cult classics. I love checking out all the best concerts and film events in my hometown of Austin, TX. I've written for sites such as Cracked, and I cover all my various pop culture obsessions on my site
Good Documentaries Movies (1995-00): Reel Life Comedy and Tragedy
The documentaries of the mid to late 1990s offered some deep, revealing glimpses into quirky individuals, deadly events and corporate greed in films like ‘Trekkies,’ ‘One... show more
Good Documentay Movies (1990-95): Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
The 90s saw the documentary morph from is dry, sober origins into a more riveting and humorous form of filmmaking, thanks to engrossing, inventive films like... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1965-70): Creepy Camp & Evil Vamps
Vampire films of the 1960s were more risqué, grisly and shocking than their predecessors, most notable in films like ‘Count Yorga, Vampire’, ‘Scream and Scream Again’... show more
Good Goth Music (1980­-85): The Dawn of Darkness
Goth emerged in the 80s with a spectral sound that spawned a subculture. In addition to iconic groups like Bauhaus, The Cure and Sisters of Mercy,... show more
Good Slasher Movies (1965-70): Shocking Psychotic Cinema
While “slasher films” are synonymous with the 1980s, the origins of the horror sub-genre actually began in the 1960s, thanks to progenitor titles like ‘Targets’, ‘The... show more
Good Vampire Movies (1960-65): Bloody Good Flicks
60s Vampire films saw a move towards more graphic content and variation of tropes in films like ‘Planet of The Vampires’, ‘The Curse of The Crying... show more
Good Slasher Movies (1960-65): The Shadow of Psycho
While “slasher films” are associated with the 1980s, the genre actually originated with Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film, ‘Psycho’. But there are other noteworthy underrated 60s slashers,... show more
Good Grunge Music (1990-95): Rain-Soaked Sound
In the early 90s, grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam put Seattle on the musical map. But there are many unsung grunge pioneers worth discovering,... show more
Good Road Movies (1990-95): Weirdo Wanderlust
90s youth culture ruled road movies, especially in films like ‘My Own Private Idaho’ and ‘Natural Born Killers'. But there are also smaller indie road films... show more
Good Road Movies (1985-90): Road Rages for All Ages
Road movies of the late 80’s appealed to multiple generations with thrilling tales of the open road in films like ‘Dead-End Drive In’, ‘Maximum Overdrive’ and... show more
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