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 Mason Hoberg

Mason Hoberg
My name is Mason Hoberg. I'm a freelance writer for itcher Mag, a musician, and a lover of entertainment in all its forms. Whether it's video games, movies, books, or music, I'm constantly on the hunt for the next awesome piece of content. And when I find it I'll share it with the awesome readers of itcher Mag!
5 Crazy Games like Team Fortress 2: FPS Extravaganzas
Though cartoonishly designed, ‘Team Fortress 2’ is one of the deepest and most mechanically rich FPS game ever. Fans should check out ‘Brink’, ‘Dirty Bomb’, or... show more
5 Devilish Games like Dante’s Inferno: Hellishly Fun
One of the more unique games to capitalize on the success of ‘God of War’, what ‘Dante’s Inferno’ had in an interesting take on the literary... show more
5 Incredible Games like Bioshock Infinite: Take to the Skies!
One of the most critically acclaimed titles of its generation, ‘Bioshock Infinite’ had a lot of interesting things going for it. Fans of the game should... show more
Games like Bayonetta 2: Spectacle Fighters at Their Best
The follow up to the critically acclaimed spectacle fighter ‘Bayonetta’, ‘Bayonetta 2’ was a wonderfully fun and colorful romp. Fans of the game should check out... show more
5 Frenzied Games like X-Men Origins: Wolverine – HacknSlash
One of the greatest movie tie-in video games ever, ‘X-Origins: Wolverine’ is still one of the best comic book games to be released. Fans on the... show more
5 Sci-Fi Games like Warframe: Shootin’ and Lootin’
The greatest ninja-robot simulator around, ‘Warframe’ is one of the best free-to-play games to come out in recent memory. Fans on the hunt for a similar... show more
5 Adventuring Games like Two Worlds II: High Class RPGs
A cult classic among PC RPG fans, ‘Two Worlds II’ was an incredibly unique experience. Fans of the game should check out ‘Divinity 2’, ‘The Witcher... show more
5 Super Games like The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Justice Served
The most recent video game iteration of Spider-Man, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ received mixed reviews to say the least. Fans of the game should check out... show more
5 Funny Games like Lego Marvel Super Heroes: City Cleaners
'Lego Marvel Superheroes’ was a great game that any fan of the Marvel properties could enjoy. Fans on the hunt for a similar experience should check... show more
5 Delightful Games like Lego Batman: Fear the Bat
‘Lego Batman’ is a fun take on the Caped Crusader that can be enjoyed by any member of the family. Fans on the hunt for a... show more
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