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Hey, I’m Kerry. I began writing aged 4, when I wrote a moving retelling of the classic fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk.
10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall for 50 Shades Again!
The 50 Shades of Grey Saga has swept women across their world off their feet. After a long wait (which mostly consisted of us trying to... show more
5 Gripping Shows like Suits: Law, Order & Intelligence
Want to find more shows like ‘Suits’? You should check out ‘House of Cards’, ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘Sherlock’.... show more
5 Shows like Pretty Little Liars: Did Someone Say Drama?
Need something to watch after Pretty Little Liars? Why not try Gossip Girl, Veronica Mars or Teen Wolf?... show more
5 Movies I Could Watch Again & Again, do you Agree?
The difference between a good movie and a great movie is simple: would you watch it more than once? If the answer is no, it’s probably... show more
Must-Read Celebrity Books
Up until quite recently I didn’t really get the whole ‘celebrity book’ thing. The various signings and the never ending lists of top celebrity books to... show more
Two Great Artists to Workout to – Gym Bunnies, Listen Up!
I enjoy a little workout every now and again (okay, not as much as I should), but I don’t always have time to create a playlist... show more
Novels with Strong Narrative Voice – Goodbye Boredom!
We live in a world with so many books and films so readily accessible that we’ve seen and heard pretty much every story line there ever... show more
Best ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Characters and Quotes – TV Triumphs
*stomach grumbles* I fancy pie now… When How I Met Your Mother (Pamela Fryman et al, 2005 – 2014) first graced my bedroom television following reruns of The... show more
Must See Prison Documentaries – Spine Chilling!
Watching people in institutions plunges you head first into the often gruelling world of institutionalisation and the effects it can have on the mind. It’s captivating... show more
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