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 James Brindley

James Brindley
Editorial - Games
Hey, I’m Jamie, a guy who spends most of his time either imagining stories or writing them down. When I’m not working at itcher I’m playing video games, watching movies, or being nerdy in some other strange way that I find amusing. When that doesn’t quite cut it, I’m off to a rock concert, eating pizza or chilling with my friends.
5 Interstellar Games like Elite Dangerous: Fighting in the Stars
Spacefaring games like ‘Elite Dangerous’ capture the inescapable essence of what it is to be human: curiosity, discovery and the desire to improve. If you’re looking... show more
5 Platforming Games like Trine: Parkour for Survival
Whether you’re looking for something to relax and play slowly, or a sweat-filled speedrunning experience, platforming games like ‘Trine’ will be sure to sate your hunger.... show more
5 Tense Games like Slender: Pounding Hearts
Games like ‘Slender’ are some of the most popular titles out there at the moment, due to the huge number of people reacting to the carnage... show more
5 Rhythm Games like Guitar Hero: Hitting the Right Notes
Music games like ‘Guitar Hero’ have taken the market by storm ever since they burst onto the scene, and for good reason- they’re as addictive as... show more
5 Intricate Games like Red Alert 2: Setting up Shop
The real time strategy genre is incredibly popular for a reason. Games like ‘Red Alert 2’ are amazing to play from start to finish, which is... show more
5 Bullet-Riddled Games like Gears of War: Holding the Line
No matter how good you are, it’s unlikely you’ll last on the battlefield long without a solid bit of cover to hide behind. Games like ‘Gears... show more
5 Ridiculous Games like Worms: Mayhem & Mirth
Sometimes the joy of a game is in its simplicity. Other times it’s due to the amount of different ways you can blow up your friends.... show more
5 Predatory Games like Hitman Absolution: Acquiring Targets
There’s nothing quite like feeling like an apex predator in games. Games like ‘Hitman Absolution’ are utterly devoted to the way of the hunter. Thankfully, once... show more
5 Grisly Games like Chivalry: The Swords Edge
In this gaming world full of explosions and gunfights, sometimes it’s nice to go back in time a bit. If games like ‘Chivalry’ in all their... show more
6 Dynamic Games like Titanfall: Sprint-Paced Shooters
In games like these, you keep moving as fast as you can, or you’re wiping the tears of humiliation from your face. If you want some... show more
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