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 Helen Maloney

Helen Maloney
Hi, I'm Helen, I teach English in the UK and am a book addict (I'm serious - if I go too long without reading I get withdrawal symptoms!). I also love music, films, crafting, corresponding and video games. It is impossible for me to sit still unless I'm eating, holding a book or making something.
5 Movies like The Quiet Man: The Best in Irish Comedy
‘The Quiet Man’ is a film full of Irish wit and charm, as we watch John Wayne’s turbulent courtship with Margaret O’Hara. The instant chemistry between... show more
5 Movies like The Philadelphia Story: Discovering your own Secrets
Whatever it is you love about this classic story of rediscovering love and yourself, be sure to check out my recommended films. ‘How to Marry a... show more
6 Shows like The Real Ghostbusters: The Best of Early Morning Cartoons
If you’re like me, you’ll have fond memories of early morning weekend cartoon watching - ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ was one of the best! Whether you’re... show more
5 Books like The Dresden Files: Mystery and Magic Combine
Whether you love the ‘Dresden Files’ because of the down-on-his-luck Harry Dresden or the noir style paranormal mystery, I have some fabulous books like the ‘Dresden... show more
5 Books like Angels and Demons: Murder, Conspiracy & Clues
If you like creepy mysteries with secrets and twists around every corner, then I have some great titles for you. As we all know, the first... show more
5 Shows like Ghost Whisperer: Helping Others with a Twist
If using supernatural powers or paranormal gifts is something that interests you, then I have more great shows for you to enjoy, with ‘Tru Calling’ –... show more
5 Authors like Nalini Singh: Wonderful World-Building
If you’re anxiously waiting for your next fix of the ‘Psy-Changeling’ or ‘Guild Hunter’ worlds, then I have 5 authors like Nalini Singh who are also... show more
5 Movies like Hidalgo: Horses & Healing
‘Hidalgo’ is a moving story of one man’s bond with his horse and his determination to win an extremely challenging race. Whether it’s the relationship between... show more
5 Books like Night Huntress: Intense & Fraught Love Affairs
Cat and Bones have captured our hearts with their strength, humour and deep love. If you’re mourning the end of this series, then I have some... show more
5 Movies like Ghostbusters: When the Underdogs Save the Day
‘Ghostbusters’ is a classic for a lot of good reasons: it has humour, action, amazing actors and a story that is both spooky and entertaining. If... show more
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