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 Charlotte Howell

Charlotte Howell
I'm a writer and editor from the UK, who is currently travelling the world. Right now I'm living and working in Cali, Colombia, and experiencing South America. I am also a singer/songwriter - so writing about music makes me very happy. I love travel, books, music, dancing and food!
6 Movies like Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine: Making Millions
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are living a life that will eventually change the world and is important enough... show more
5 Movies like Look Who’s Back: Scary Satire
Sometimes, watching the news channel is bad enough, but certain documentaries show the worst stories of the world that just kill a little bit of all... show more
5 Movies like Love The Coopers: Ah, Family Holidays
Aren't families great? All of that unsaid competition with siblings, parental judgement, and brooding passive-aggression - don't you just love those events that bring you all... show more
5 Movies like 16 Blocks: Lights, camera, ACTION!
Maverick cops, police corruption, hostage situations, and full-head-of-hair Bruce Willis - you know it's gonna be good! These movies like '16 Blocks' - 'Hostage', 'Lucky Number... show more
5 Movies like She’s Funny That Way: Screw Loose Comedy
There's something bizarrely reassuring about screwball comedies. Thank God our own lives aren't as crazy as them! Movies like 'She's Funny That Way’ - 'How... show more
5 Movies like Learning to Drive: Life-Changing & Uplifting
Magical friendships that can change your life can happen at any time and in any place. Movies like 'Learning to Drive' - 'Hundred-Foot Journey', 'Vicky Cristina... show more
5 Movies like The Boat That Rocked: Magical Musical Ride
When you just love music, there's nothing you won't do to indulge your passion, no matter who tries to stop you! These movies like 'The Boat... show more
5 Movies like Man Up: Free, Single & Ready to Rom Com
Ah, being single. Isn't it complicated and loaded with various (and hilarious) hurdles to overcome? The car-crash world of dating and all of the lies that... show more
5 Movies like Unbranded: Ride ‘Em Cowboy!
A movie about men being men - I'm talking cowboys, horses, sweat, plaid shirts, and one hell of an adventure! These movies like 'Unbranded' - 'Buck',... show more
5 Movies like Best of Enemies: Political Punditry at Its Hateful Best
Today, when people talk about political pundits, very few people are likely to feel anything at all, so it takes a pretty incredible documentary to go... show more
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