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A 4 Year Old Child Reviews Her 5 Favourite Books Ever

As parents of six children from ages one to fifteen, we have enjoyed many children’s books over the years and found some amazing stories through our reading journey with our children.

Finding the True Gems with Help From the Target Audience

As a result, we like to think that we know what makes a good book. We have read both good books and bad over the years, so we are in the excellent position of being able to tell you which ones not to bother with. With so many books to enjoy you won’t waste your childhood memories on the ones that aren’t worth it, and you will be able to spend all your time reading the true gems out there that will be remembered by you forever. However, we also wanted some help from the target audience, so our daughter will be aiding in our selection.

Beatrice loves books of many kinds but especially likes those with animals in. She likes short books as they keep her focused and those that rhyme. Beatrice has chosen her favourite books as ‘The Elephant and the Bad Baby,’ ‘Duck Got Stuck in the Truck,’ ‘Calm down Boris,’ ‘Doing the Animal Bop’ and ‘Ten Tiny Tadpoles.’

5. ‘The Elephant and the Bad Baby’ (Elfrida Vipont, 1971)

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This book tells the story of an elephant and a baby going on an adventure through town taking cakes, ice-creams, and many more things. At the end of the book the elephant realises that the baby “never once said please’, showing a moral tale to tell.

Beatrice chose this book because she loved it the way in which the baby was being bad and the way the people ran after them to tell them off. The list of people is repetitive and encouraged Beatrice to join in with the story too.

As parents we love this book because it reminds children that you can’t just take things in life that you want. It is polite to ask for things and conduct yourself in the right manner. It shows the importance of manners such as please and thank you.

4/5 stars
I can read this book with Mummy and Daddy and I love it.

4. ‘Duck Got Stuck in the Truck’ (Jez Alborough, 2009)

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This book tells the story of how a duck got stuck in his truck in the mud. The other animals in the story help him and eventually he gets unstuck and drives off but leaves his friends stuck.

Beatrice loves this part of the book and always shouts unstuck at last in great excitement.

Our girl laughs and laughs at this book. It’s hilarious.

It has beautiful pictures that easily tell the story and sometimes Beatrice tries to tell the story by herself using them. The book has great rhyme that can easily be recognised even by the child.

4/5 Stars
Parenting can be very hard at times and simple things like showing your child the importance of helping people can be difficult but this book is a gem in showing this.

3. ‘Calm Down Boris’ (Sam Lloyd, 2006)

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This book tells the story of a little monster who likes to kiss but is told to calm down. Then one day a big dog comes and Boris scares him away with his kisses. After that, all the monsters want to kiss Boris.

Beatrice particularly loves the orange puppet in the book. She loves ‘kissy kissy’: she says sounds like he’s really kissing her and we make him kiss her every time. She says it feels funny when he kisses and that it tickles.

This is a funny book which really connects the reader to the book. Beatrice treats Boris with affection and helps him eat the picnic in the book by picking out the picnic and naming the foods and feeding him it. We sometimes even pretend that he nibbles her fingers.

This book shows child about the good and bad about affection. It helps parents show children about emotions and what it’s like to feel scared.

4/5 Stars
I give this book a big kiss. I love it.

2. ‘Doing the Animal Bop’ (Lindsey Gardiner, 2005)

Image Source: Lindsey Gardiner

This book is all about animals doing the animal bop.

This book has a great rhythm and makes you want to sing it. Beatrice sings and dances along to this song. We do the actions and noises of the animals and really get moving to this book. It causes great excitement and is not a book for bedtime as it really wants you to get up and with it.

‘I can read it by myself ‘she says as she sings along.

I like this book because I love singing and dancing.

As parents this book is great because it has big clear pictures of the animals. It also has great use of phonics. ‘All a cow can do is a great big mooooooo.’

5/5 stars
It would win a trophy for singing and for dance too.

1. ‘Ten Tiny Tadpoles’ (Debbie Tarbett, 2006)

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This is a beautiful book with gorgeous 3d tadpoles that run all the way through the book. This book tells the story of ten tadpoles and each page one gets left behind. We count the tadpoles on each page and look at the numbers that are clearly written. At the end of the book we see all the tadpoles that have now turned into frogs. This is done in pop up form and we enjoy counting all ten frogs.

Beatrice loves to count the tadpoles and they are like little beads with cute little faces on.

She likes the rhymes, and the beautiful frogs that pop up are a delight at the end of a great book.

The benefits we see as parents from this book are counting skills, number recognition and lifecycles. Beatrice is learning about lifecycles and growing at nursery so this book has helped support this learning.

5/5 stars
This book is not one to hop past. This is Beatrice’s favourite book.


Fun for All the Family

These books are read regularly in our house and if you read them you will see why. What’s your favourite and why?

We love sharing books together and our thoughts about them and would love you to share too.

Tell us your suggestions in the comments below.

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