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5 Shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Smooth Talkers of 90s Sitcomes

samar2Will Smith plays himself in this family comedy about a cool troublemaker whose working class background clashes with his extended family’s bourgeois ways.

Let’s take a look at some great TV shows like ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ from the 90s with smooth-talking teens, many of which also feature predominantly African American casts.~ Samar N

Shows Similar to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

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‘Moesha’ (UPN, 1996 – 2001)

Famed R&B singer, Brandy Norwood, does it all – here, she plays Moesha Mitchell, a smart and spirited teenager juggling school, friends, an over-protective father, and dating.

Previously the only woman in the household, Brandy learns to trust and love her father’s new wife. The central action in the show takes place in the neighbourhood hangout ‘The Den’, where Moesha’s mentor, Andell, serves up tasty smoothies and looks after Moesha and her friends, Kim and Hakeem.

Brandy’s real-life brother, Ray J, makes guest appearances, where he performs musical acts at the Den; later in the show, it’s revealed that he’s also her TV brother, Dorian.


Similarity Match

Brandy plays a kind, sensitive teen adjusting to a new step-mother.



‘Family Matters’ (CBS, 1989 – 1998)

This series similar to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ is the second longest running primetime American TV drama featuring a predominantly African American cast.

Set in Chicago, the Winslow family start out as your average family until klutzy neighbour, Steve Urkel, shows up on the scene to spice things up.

A common theme is that Steve professes his undying love for their daughter, Laura Lee, who, sadly, finds him repulsive.


Similarity Match

An average family gets a healthy injection of weird from resident dweeb, Steve Urkel.



‘Sister, Sister’ (ABC, 1994 – 1999)

Real-life twins, Tia and Tamera Mowry, play TV twins in a show that was penned ‘the black full house’.

Separated at birth, the twins meet by chance in a shopping centre. From then on, the twins can’t bear to be separated, so their adoptive parents end up living together, though they have a love-hate relationship.


Similarity Match

Identical twins, Tia and Tamara Mowry, play themselves, basically.



‘The Proud Family’ (Disney, 2001 – 2005)

The only animated show on the list – Penny Proud comes from a family of strong personalities perfect for a TV show – an over-protective father, doting mother, and baby brother and sister live all together with, my personal favourite, their hard-core grandmother Suga Mama.


Similarity Match

The Proud Family are a warm, affectionate group.


If You Like ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, You Will Like

‘Saved By the Bell’ (NBC, 1989 – 1993)

Cheesy acting and bad writing don’t stop ‘Saved By the Bell’ from earning genuine appreciation from those who grew up with the series.

A group of unlikely friends at Bayside High School juggle exams, homework, love and rivalries with the help of their stern but loving principal, Mr. Belding.

Though this show actually doesn’t feature a predominantly black cast, it merits comparison with ‘Fresh Prince’ because Will Smith and Zack Morris, though coming from starkly different backgrounds, share a similarly cavalier attitude to life.

If you really loved the series, check out ‘Saved by the Bell: The College Years’.


Similarity Match

A suave, preppy badboy leads this high school sitcom.


What Would You Add?

Here are some TV series like ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ that I hope you will enjoy!

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