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5 Movies Like Unfriended: Dark Web – Internet Horror

The sequel to Unfriended will soon unleash the horrors of the dark web on cinema audiences – but that’s far from the first time that the Internet has been horrifying on the big screen.

FRIEND REQUEST (Simon Verhoeven, 2016)

What’s more terrifying than being unfriended? How about a friend request from a really creepy person at your school? Laura’s life starts to unravel after she agrees to become friends with a lonely, disturbed girl.

5 Movies like Friend Request: Technology is Terrifying!

UNFRIENDED (Leo Gabriadze, 2014)

The original Unfriended is unique in that it’s a horror movie told entirely trough the computer screen of its main character. Characters interact via Skype and what starts out as a regular conversation between friends quickly turns into the worst night of their lives.

5 Movies like Unfriended: Found Footage Mayhem

CHATROOM (Hideo Nakata, 2010)

A group of teens meet online in a chat room and decide to share their woes, fears and anxieties – only to realise they’ve opened up to the wrong person, as the chat’s moderator intends to use their secrets against them.

THE DEN (Zachary Donohue, 2013)

A young woman is studying the habits of web-cam users but ends up witnessing a brutal murder online, which ends up changing her life forever.

PULSE (Jim Sonzero, 2006)

A remake of a Japanese film, Pulse is about a group of friends who discover a mysterious wireless signal that threatens to unleash a horrifying evil upon the world.

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