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5 Movies Like Outlaw King

Chris Pine stars as Robert the Bruce, King of Scots in Netflix’s history epic Outlaw King – if you enjoyed that brutal slice of history, Itcher has some movie recommendations for you. This is 5 Movies Like Outlaw King.

BRAVEHEART (Mel Gibson, 1995)

It’s impossible not to think of Braveheart when talking about Outlaw King – after all, William Wallace himself is alive and kicking at the beginning of the latter, which means you can kind of look at Outlaw King as an informal sequel. Directed by and starring Mel Gibson in one of his most memorable roles, Braveheart was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won five, including Best Picture.

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ROB ROY (Michael Caton-Jones, 1995)

Although it’s set several centuries after the events of both Outlaw King and Braveheart, Rob Roy does share a few similarities – its main character, played by Liam Neeson is a Scottish clan chief who is wronged by a nobleman and his nephew. His quest for revenge turns him into an outlaw in this acclaimed historical adventure.

GLADIATOR (Ridley Scott, 2000)

When it comes to historical epics, there are two that will always come to mind – Braveheart is one, Gladiator is the other. Ridley Scott’s film chronicles the rise of disgraced Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena. His goal? Revenge against the amoral Emperor Commodus, who murdered Maximus’ family. Gladiator would go on to win several Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor for star Russel Crowe.

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KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (Ridley Scott, 2005)

Ridley Scott would later draw from the well of history for 2005’s Kingdom of Heaven, set during the 12th Century crusades. Orlando Bloom join an ensemble cast as a French village blacksmith who ends joining the defence of Jerusalem against the overwhelming forces of the Muslim Sultan, Saladin. If your favourite part of Outlaw King was the medieval action, you’ll really like this film’s portrayal of the siege of Jerusalem.

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HELL OR HIGH WATER (David Mackenzie, 2016)

And now, for something completely different – Outlaw King was a reunion for star Chris Pine and director David Mackenzie. Their previous collaboration was the heist drama/thriller Hell or High Water, about a pair of Texan brothers who go on a string of bank heists. Pine is joined by the likes of Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham.

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