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5 Movies like Air Buddies: The Muttley Crew

JoshDogs, they are man’s best friend and now they are at the heart of these movies like ‘Air Buddies’. From Golden Retrievers and dalmations to a killer St. Bernard, these lovable dogs will turn even the fondest of cat lovers over to to the bark side.
For more mutt centred movies like ‘Air Buddies’, check out these recommendations. ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar To ‘Air Buddies’

We hope you enjoy this article and its different recommendation options. Be enchanted by hidden gems you may have never heard of before and (re)discover unmissable classics.



‘101 Dalmatians’ (Stephen Herek, 1996)

The years have been cruel to ‘Léon: The Professional’, the once highly regarded films popularity has dwindled over the last few years, for one reason or another.

“We start of the list with Disney’s live-action adaptation of one of their best loved animations, ‘101 Dalmations’.
Glenn Close turns De Vil to play the menacing Cruella De Vil, in a performance that scared kids around the world.
De Vil is fashion obessed and takes it upon herself to dognap a litter of puppies to use their fur for her fashion line. It doesn’t take long for the puppies parents and friends to take matters into their own paws in hilarious fashion.


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Everyone has a little De Vil in them.



‘Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey’ (Duwayne Dunham, 1993)

‘John Wick’ proved to be one of the biggest surprises of 2014, not many people gave it chance initially but it proved the doubters wrong with its cool, slick action.

“This enchanting remake boasts a great cast who lend their voices for the cute characters in this movie.
Whilst their owners leave for a vacation, their pets, including dogs and a cat who are left at a ranch, embark on a dangerous journey to find their way home.
The three take a daring journey through the California wilderness all in the name of love.


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A survival dog tale.



‘My Dog Skip’ (Jay Russell, 2000)

‘My Dog Skip’ will make you laugh, it’s make you sob and it’ll make you want to run to your nearest pet store to buy a Jack Russell terrier.
‘Malcom in the Middle’ star Frankie Muniz stars in this sweet tale as Willie Morris, a young boy whose life is changed when he recieves a mutt for his birthday.
The bond between boy and dog helps him overcome his problems, including bullying to fulfill his life and move out of the shadows.


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I want a dog like Skip.



‘Cujo’ (Lewis Teague, 1983)

It turns out that not all dogs are man’s best friend, in some cases they’re the protagonist for scary horror films.
In a truly haunting tale, Cujo is a friendly dog turned bad. After contracting rabies, Cujo embarks on a reign of terror that sees him targetting the locals and his poor owner.
It’s safe to say this adaptation isn’t for kids!


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This dog isn't so happy.


If You Like ‘Air Buddies’, You Will Like

‘Beethoven’s 2nd’ (Rod Daniel, 1993)

These are my recommendations for films like ‘Air Buddies’. What are your favourite mutt centred movies?


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It's slobbering time.


Over to You

These are my recommendations for films like ‘Air Buddies’. What are your favourite mutt centred movies?

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