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5 Movies Like Admission: A Child in the Mix

JoshMovies like ‘Hitman Agent 47’ follow cool as nails hitmen who are paid to kill and look cool doing it.

‘Hitman Agent 47’ marked the second attempt at bringing the popular ‘Hitman’ gaming series to the big screen, after the less than successful 2007 film.

If you want more guns and violence, check out these recommendations. ~ Josh Sammons

Movies Similar To ‘Admission’

We hope you enjoy this article and its different recommendation options. Be enchanted by hidden gems you may have never heard of before and (re)discover unmissable classics.



‘Big Daddy’ (Dennis Dugan, 1999)

Adam Sandler has rightly come under fire as of late due to his lazy and unspired film choices, but ‘Big Daddy’ proves that at one time he did have the comedy spark.
Sandler plays slouch Sonny Koufax, a man who loves nothing more than to relax and annoy his friends girlfriend.
His life on the couch changes however, with the introduction to young Julian. Together they embark on a life changing road that might finally see Sonny grow up.


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Sandler at his best.



‘About a Boy’ (Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, 2002)


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A great British coming-of-age tale.



‘Bad Santa’ (Terry Zwigoff, 2003)

In arguably his best role to date, Billy Bob Thornton stars as a foul mouthed Santa who hides a dark secret.
Willie T. Stokes is a foul mouthed drunk who moonlights as a Santa in a scheme to rob shopping malls during the Christmas period.
The life for the Grinch-like Christmas hater is crumbling before his eyes, that is until he befriends a small boy.
‘Bad Santa’ is an ingenious Christmas film that benefits from its star who is on fine form.


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He's not having a merry Christmas.



‘Disney’s The Kid’ (Jon Turteltaub, 2000)

‘Disney’s The Kid’ adds a supernatural twist into the mix, making for a fun, child friendly adventure.
Bruce Willis stars as a successful but grumpy businessman who gets a second chance in life after countering a kid version of himself.
Together they embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn to like each other despite their differences.


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Bruce Willis meets his kid form.


If You Like ‘Admission’, You Will Like

‘Baby Boom’ (Charles Shyer, 1987)

Diane Keaton stars in this entertaining comedy that showcases just why she is considered one of the best of the comedy genre.
Here she plays businesswoman J.C. Wiatt who loves nothing more than work. Her life takes a turn however, when a relative dies and she is left to care for her baby.
When she loses her job, she embarks on a career change, and with the help of the baby, will learn a few life lessons along the way.


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A cute light-hearted comedy.


Over to You

These are my recommendations for films like ‘Admission’. Can you think of any similar movies?

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