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5 Great Movies with Tim Robbins

Celebrate the birthday of Tim Robbins with us by taking a look back at some of his most memorable roles over the years! This is 5 Great Movies with Tim Robbins.


It’s hard to get more memorable than one of the greatest and most well-known movies of all-time – Robbins star as a banker who enters into an unusual arrangement with the warden when he’s sent to prison. During his sentence, he also befriends a fellow prisoner, played by Morgan Freeman.

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JACOB’S LADDER (Adrian Lyne, 1990)

A cult classic horror movie that was a major inspiration for the Silent Hill video game franchise, Jacob’s Ladder follows a Vietnam War vet who is haunted by bizarre visions.

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MYSTIC RIVER (Clint Eastwood, 2003)

A devastating murder mystery drama starring Robbins, Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon as former childhood friends whose paths cross as adults when the child of one of them is killed.

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DEAD MAN WALKING (Tim Robbins, 1995)

Penn and Robbins previously worked on Dead Man Walking, a drama that Robbins wrote and directed about a death row inmate who befriends a nun, played by Susan Sarandon.

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THE PLAYER (Robert Altman (1992)

A satirical black comedy from the 90s that’s bursting through the seams with celebrity cameos, The Player stars Tim Robbins as a Hollywood studio executive who is receiving death threats from a rejected screenwriter.

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