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5 Great Movies With Michael Keaton

The Itcher team wishes Michael Keaton a very happy birthday – why not celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane with some of the legendary actor’s most memorable roles? This is 5 Great Movies With Michael Keaton.

BATMAN (Tim Burton, 1989)

Keaton, best known for his comedic roles at the time, was not a popular choice for the role of Batman – but he went on to become a fan-favourite in the highly successful and acclaimed Tim Burton adaptation. It may seem a bit old-fashioned in today’s golden age of superhero movies, but it’s still a damn fine film that sees Batman face his arch-nemesis, The Joker – played by Jack Nicholson.

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SPOTLIGHT (Tom McCarthy, 2015)

Based on the true story of a team of investigative journalists from The Boston Globe who uncovered evidence of widespread, systemic child sex abuse by priests, this ensemble cast drama is sadly very relevant as similar stories make headlines. It’s a powerful movie, with Keaton playing the team’s editor.

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BIRDMAN (Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 2014)

A black comedy film that sees Keaton play a struggling actor best known for once-upon-a-time playing the fictional superhero Birdman, this movie boasts not just an incredible cast and a great script but a captivating style – the whole movie is made to look like one continuous shot.

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BEETLEJUICE (Tim Burton, 1988)

Another Burton and Keaton collaboration, Beetlejuice is a dark fantasy comedy about a recently deceased couple who are struggling to adjust to their, um, lives as ghosts. They end up hiring a obnoxious trickster to help them scare off the family that’s moving in to their house. An 80s classsic full of Tim Burton’s signature disturbing creativity.

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Michael Keaton just really has a thing about superhero movie characters with a flying motif – on top of being Batman and Birdman, he also got to play the Spider-Man villain The Vulture in Homecoming. His character is a scavenger of dangerous alien technology who’s flying low enough (metaphorically speaking) to not end up on the radar of big names like Iron Man – but there’s one friendly neighbourhood superhero who just won’t leave him alone.

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