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5 Games Like Darksiders III

Fans of hack-and-slash action games can now sink their into Darksiders III – but if the latest entry in the series isn’t enough to satisfy your button-mashing, combo needs, we have some similar game recommendations. This is 5 Games Like Darksiders III.

DARKSIDERS (Vigil Games, 2010)

The original Darksiders (recently remastered, or WARmastered) has you play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – specifically, War. Summoned too early and blamed for causing a premature Apocalypse, War is stripped of his powers. His only chance of redemption and restoring the balance is finding the real culprits.

KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING (38 Studios & Big Huge Games, 2012)

An action RGP whose story and lore came from the mind of renowned author R.A. Salvatore, Reckoning was the first entry in a franchise that never came to be. A video game cult classic of sorts – nothing extraordinary, but a fun, well-made title with a rich and colourful fantasy world.

GOD OF WAR III (Santa Monica Studio, 2010)

Arguably the gold standard for hack-and-slash action games, the God of War trilogy ended on a dynamite note – the final entry introduced a sense of epic scale unlike any before. Take control of Kratos as he butchers what’s left of the corrupted Greek pantheon.

CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW (MercurySteam & Kojima Productions, 2010)

A reboot of the iconic franchise, Lords of Shadow has you play as Gabriel Belmont and his fight with a malevolent order known as the, well, Lords of Shadow. A modern reimagining that successfully followed in the footsteps of God of War.

DMC: DEVIL MAY CRY (Ninja Theory, 2013)

A controversial reboot that alienated die-hard fans with its new creative direction, DMC: Devil May Cry won many over with its ridiculously fun gameplay and creative art style. The flexible, combo-driven action was exactly what Devil May Cry was known for and in that regard, the reboot did not disappoint.

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