What Movie App Is the Best? Introducing Itcher

If you're wondering what movie app is the best for recommendations, let us tell you about itcher...

The Best Movie App You'll Find

There's more than one reason itcher is the best and most enjoyable movie recommendations app out there. In fact, there's at least 7...

1. It's slick

We'll start with someone underrated - our app is slick, easy to use and, well, it just looks good. But enough about aesthetics, let's get down to the good stuff.

2. Rate movies to get new recommendations

What makes our app is great is that by rating titles you already like (or perhaps don't!) itcher will get to know you and your tastes.

With this knowledge, itcher can then recommend new movies to you based entirely on your personal preferences. 

3. Browse movies by decade

Sometimes you just want to watch a movie from a particular decade. Well, itcher has you covered!

Hit Browse on the top right and from there select which decade you'd like to see. itcher will pull movies released from those 10 years for you to browse and rate!

4. Browse movies by genre

Maybe you're not fussed what decade the film was made in, maybe you're just really in the mood to watch a particular genre.

Whether it's a Friday horror night, a Sunday comedy or a mid week chick flick you're after, itcher has you covered.

5. Write and read reviews

One of the best things about watching a movie is the conversation that follows. Whether you enjoyed it or not, rate and write reviews for any movies you'd like to.

There are already plenty of reviews for each movie so why not take a read of them before you watch it?

6. Watch the movie immediately

When you've found a movie you like the look of, you don't want to spend time figuring out where to watch it.

Instead, hit the Shop tab and itcher will show you ways in which you can watch the movie - some of the options being instant!

7. Read facts

If you're a real movie buff you'll love the facts tab where you can read about budget, tagline and even profit.

8. Watch trailers

Really get a glimpse into what the movie is like by hitting the trailers tab. See the cast in action and get a feel for the tone of the movie before you commit to watching it.

9. Check out the cast

Ever want to look a little bit more into the actors in your favourite movies? itchers Cast tab allows you to do exactly that, so browse away and swot up on your favourite entertainment icons.

10. Find similar movies straight away​

If you just want a quick movie recommendation that's similar to a film you already love, simply find that movie on itcher and then select Similar Movies. Almost instant recommendations for those times you're in a hurry.

And Many, Many More

These are just 10 of the many reasons itcher is an amazing movie app. But don't take our word for it, download the app now to see for yourself!

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