Your Search for Websites to Find Books Ends Here: itcher Is the Future of Reading

Websites to find books can come in many forms - whether it's your favourite book store's company website or maybe a commercial giant like Amazon. 

But they're all missing something....


Amazon doesn't really know what you're into. It might recommend books because someone else purchased something in common with you, but it's not completely personalised the way book recommendations should be.

So, What Can Solve Our Bookworm Problems?​


itcher, if you haven't already heard, is an entertainment recommendation app that learns what you like by using a complex algorithm that analyses your ratings of books you've already read to generate brand new, personalised recommendations.

Pretty good, right?

3 Reasons itcher is a Bookworm's Dream

Finding a book recommendation app like itcher is a pivotal moment for book lovers!

There are so many benefits to using itcher (did we mention you can get recommendations for movies, music and games too?) but here are some of our top reasons that itcher is a complete and utter dream for bookworms...

1. Have More Time to Read!

Using itcher means you don't have to spend so long scouring the web in search for a book you may or may not enjoy reading.

With fast and accurate recommendations, you can spend more time curled up in your chair, lost in a good book. Bliss!

2. Read More Books That Really Resonate with You

Don't you love it when you find one of those books that you utterly adore? One that you think about for days - sometimes weeks - on end, and you just want to sink your teeth into it , because it was that good?

Well, with itcher's clever algorithm working hard to find books personalised to your specific taste, which means you're more likely to love the books you read.

3. Share You Thoughts with Other Book Addicts

When you finish a good book, there's little more satisfying that sharing your thoughts on it with somebody else. That's why we love that users can share their reviews of the books they read, right from the itcher app. It helps other users and adds to our buzzing book community.

Watch out, literary critics, itcher users coming through!

The Only App Book Lovers Need: Download itcher Now!

Your search has finally come to an end.

itcher is the answer if you're looking for something to recommend you new, exciting reads. We can't wait for you to download it and let us know what you think!

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