6 Benefits of Using Video Game Recommendation Engine itcher

If you're a gaming addict and haven't yet come across our video game recommendation engine, sit back while we tell you all about what itcher can do for you.

Playing games is the fun part, right?

But searching for new games should be an exciting part of the whole gaming experience too. 

At itcher,we decided to make gaming even better: to make finding new games a breeze and to create a buzzing community of gaming addicts like you. 

6 Benefits of Using itcher 

We think you'll love itcher, and here's why...

1. Get Personalised Entertainment Recommendations​

Once you've rated 5 games, itcher's algorithm will kick start and figure out which games you're likely to enjoy next.

Pretty cool, right?

Just hit the Recommendations tab when it lights up and see what you should consider playing next...

2. Read an Overview of Each Game

Get a general overview of a new recommendation - or any game you stumble across - by hitting the About tab.

Simple, useful.

3. Write and Read Reviews

Hearing what other people have to say about games can really impact your decision process.

At itcher, we allow users to write reviews on every title, meaning you can see what others think before you play a game for yourself. 

And that means you can share any thoughts you have, good or bad, in your own game review.​

4. Shop Games Straight from the App​

We don't want you to waste time opening up new tabs and searching for a place to buy a game - that's game playing time trickling away!

We make it easy for you by allowing you to shop any game you like, straight from the app. Just hit the 'Shop' tab!​

5. Watch Trailers

Nothing gives you a better idea of what a game is like than watching the trailers: it's the only thing that will give you get a sense of style, tone and quality of graphics without actually playing the thing.

Select the game you're interested in then navigate to the 'Trailers' tab to watch.

6. Watch Video Reviews

If you want to hear other people's thoughts on a game but don't fancy reading any reviews, not to worry.

Select any game and find the 'Video Reviews' tab where you can sit back with your cup of coffee and hear someone's thoughts on the game - directly from their lips!

Game On

​We think that's enough reasons to download the itcher app, don't you? We'll see you there, gamers!

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