Recommended Songs for a 90s Throwback

If you're a music lover (and love hearing recommended songs) you're in for a treat with today's post because 90s music is feel good and brilliantly nostalgic.

And, if you are a music fanatic, stay tuned for an introduction to itcher at the end of this post - the only music recommendation you'll ever need.

But first, to the 90s!​

Spice Girls

No 90s throwback music session is complete without the Spice Girls. The pop power group earned adorning fans everywhere, and were arguably the first kick ass, all-girl group on the music scene.

Recommended songs: 'Wannabe', 'Say You'll Be There', 'Spice Up Your Life' and '2 Become 1'​

S Club 7

Feeling nostalgic yet? You should be! S Club 7 were the party soundtrack for teens all over the UK and no birthday party was complete without a performance of the complete dance routine to 'Reach'.

Recommended songs: 'Bring it All Back', 'Reach', 'Have You Ever', 'Never Had a Dream Come True', 'Don't Stop Moving'.​


Staying on the theme of cheesy dance routines, we couldn't leave out Steps - we all remember their iconic 'Tragedy'.

You only needed 5 friends to master the Steps tribute act, so we know you all had a go at the dance at some point, whether it was in the school playground or after a few bottles of wine with your friends.

Recommended songs: ​'Tragedy', '5,6,7,8', 'Chain Reaction', One for Sorrow', 'Deeper Shade of Blue', 'Stomp'

How You Can Get More Music Recommendations

If you're after more music recommendations - maybe even more 90s hits! - the itcher app will be more than happy to help you along your way.

Simply download from the app store and prepare for itcher to change the way you find new music...

How Does it Work?

itcher is a smart cookie, so prepare to be impressed at how quickly it gets to know you and your taste in music.

Oh, did we mention?

itcher offers personalised music recommendations depending on your own individual taste.

itcher offers personalised music recommendations depending on your own individual taste.

Not bad, hey? Here's how to kick the itcher engine into action:

1. Hit Browse in the music category and begin scrolling

2. Rate 5 artists that you've listened to before so itcher begins to learn what you like

3. Watch your Recommendations tab light up as you unlock your first batch of recommendations.

4. Scroll through your first set of recommendations and rate any artists you've listened to before so itcher can get to know you even better.

5. Add the artists you're interested in to your itchlist for easy access.

Looking for more 90s music specifically? No problem. Simply hit Browse and refine music by decade!

Better Recommendations Are Just a Few Clicks Away

We hope you enjoyed today's throwback-tastic 90s tracks. Don't wait around, find the itcher app and download now. There's a lot of music out there, and it's waiting for you!

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